So maybe I'm slow... more ways than one.

Today, I think I was supposed to learn more than one personal life lesson. While one is certainly more important as far as the big picture is concerned, one is making a bigger impression on me right this second.

There's a reason why every other female in the church building at VBS tonight was wearing flip flops.

After work, I had something I needed to take care of, and then went on out to the church to get things ready for the craft room. Therefore, I didn't go home and change clothes.

On Monday meeting days, we normally dress better than casual Fridays. Well, I knew not to wear my pair of wedges. Knew it. But my flat slide on shoes are pathetic, and I decided against wearing those with the pants I had on. Why? Well, I'm a little slow, I suppose.

I was very slow by the end of the night. I could barely walk, my feet hurt so bad from standing up for two hours doing crafts.

Suffice it to say, tomorrow night while we are molding model magic clay for the craft that I am calling "what would Martha make Jesus for dinner?" I will not, repeat, I will not be wearing shoes with a heel.