You have the wrong girl

I don't accept every friend request on Facebook, but I do accept most. I accepted this person named Debi a few weeks ago, not knowing how I knew her, but said OK this time around. Debi is quite the friendly sort and has commented several times on my posts.

I keep thinking, "who is this woman?" Yet, I didn't ask. At first I thought maybe she was a friend of a friend.

In the meantime, last week, a man asked if I was the Audra Jennings that lived on such and such street in Arlington and was their neighbor. Nope, it's not me.

Well, this week Debi sent me a message saying that in going through her address book she saw that I had moved from Arlington and changed jobs -- that my new one looked interesting. Uh, Debi, you have the wrong Audra.

Evidently, this is quite strange because I look like this other Audra - and am about the same age. I was even told that everyone has a twin, and mine even has the same name.


A month or so at work, I received an email from a publisher saying that this person had read my (Audra Jennings') thesis and wanted to publish it. "My" thesis had a title about 25 words long and if I remember correctly, the words "liberal", "history", "women" and "1860-1940" were all a part of the title. This publisher was very academic, specializing in history and science textbooks.

I replied back, "you have the wrong Audra."

In return, this publisher asked me if I (the wrong Audra) had written anything that I wanted published. Nah, I don't think so. Thank you though.

What I would or could possibly write that would be a fit for this particular publisher, I have no idea.

I wonder if any other Audra gets inquiries about me.


Pam said…
That is too funny. My father had someone that had the same name as him who lived in our area. This guy was a deadbeat and never paid his bills. My poor dad spent years explaining that he was not the person bill collectors were looking for.
I have someone named "Kim" who looks like me. People stop me in the street and say, "Hi, Kim!"
Strange how everyone has a twin.
Sherri said…
There is a woman in Blooming Grove named Sherri Wilkinson and she is married to a Rick ... just like me. I found out about her years ago when the cashier at the grocery store insisted that I had already been in that day and finally showed me a check signed by "Sherri Wilkinson". I pointed out that it belonged to a woman from Blooming Grove ... not me. since then, I have found that we have the same doctor and same dentist. My dental appt. was canceled once because she had one near the date and they thought they had double-booked. Block Buster tried to charge me for movies I never rented and it took a long time to straighten out. (I still will not go in one of their stores.) I suspect she was the one who rented them and forgot to return them. We have never met, but thanfully, I have it on good report that she is a very nice person. As for mix ups... I now make sure businesses identify me by my address and realize that there are two of us!
Susan Stitch said…
My Aunt Helen Shipley ended up living right next door to another, unrelated Helen Shipley...the only two Shipley families in all of St. Louis at the time! They got each other's mail all the time, but at least it wasn't hard to exchange it.

I wonder if you would have ever discovered this 'alter ego' without facebook?
Leslie A. said…
I have wondered if there aren't some "phishers" for information on Facebook. I got a friend request that said something like "you probably don't remember me but I'm your cousin so-and-so..." Ummm, yeah. I have exactly 4 cousins (and only 4!) and I know all 4 of their names and whereabouts. I replied with a "sorry wrong Leslie" and did not accept the friendship request. `
Audra Jennings said…
Leslie - I know that this other one exists, but that reminds me... I had a "relative request" the other day where I was supposed to verify if I was related to this person. I know I wasn't.

I am only her friend because she is friends with several of my friends in a group.

There are acutally 3 or 4 men in Corsicana with my dad's first name. Tootsie was the wife of one of them, and we used to always get Tootsie's calls.