For the sake of friendship

This past weekend, I so desperately wanted to get out of the house and do something, I was mass texting (OK, it was just two friends at the same time) to find someone who was available to do something with me.

I didn't care what or where - I just wanted to do something, and thankfully, Rakia was available on Sunday afternoon.

I was up for seeing a movie, and she wanted to see GI Joe because she likes action movies. As long as my rear was not plopped down in my living room, and I was out of the Corsicana city limits, I was open for most anything. I told her it really wasn't on my list of "want to sees", but it truly did not matter to me as we did something. For the sake of friendship. I needed a friend, and had no right to be picky about the activity.

To give you some background, I've never been a big movie goer. Honestly, on average, I'd go a couple of times a year. But it was usually to something I really wanted to see, so I would most likely enjoy it. Until about 8 years ago, when I had a group of friends with two HUGE movie goers. There were some weeks I went 2-3 times a week. And I saw a bunch of movies I just didn't like. A bunch of stupid movies. A bunch of just bad movies. If I could only tell you the number of movies I've seen for the sake of friendship. (I'm a people pleaser.)

That earned me the reputation of being a movie hater. I really didn't think that was a fair label, but you know, I've come to realize that it might be true.

I hated GI Joe.

I don't like comic book-turned-movies. Absolutely nothing was realistic, much less believable. Like an Army of the world's best soldiers are really going to have this high tech headquarters in Egypt under the desert sands or the bad guys are going to have their headquarters under the polar ice cap. Like nano-mites are really going to destroy the world unless someone hits the kill switch. There were so many special effects and spinning around that I was dizzy. A chase seen had so many flipping cars and ridiculousness. Then they had to throw a love story on top. Oh, and it had a Wayans brother. It was not good. Maybe if I was a 17 year old guy.

Rakia agreed, but we just enjoyed the time to catch up and have some fun. To talk and laugh and talk and laugh.

In other news, Jenny found a new job. It may actually end before it really begins, but that's another story. For the sake of friendship, I have to let her come and test my tap water and do a demonstration for a water filtering system she has to demo for her new job.

She's going to call me tomorrow if she quits before her set demo time. Stay tuned!