Savannah by the Sea by Denise Hildreth

The last book(s) that I read were pretty intense, so I decided to go tack to some light and funny reading. So, I went to my stash (I have one right now) and picked up the last book in the Denise Hildreth's Savannah series.

I bought book one for 49 cents and when Denise got a Google Alert on my blog, she didn't know if she was too glad that I found her book for 49 cents. I think it was because the cover got beat up and scuffed in shipping really.

I will have her know that I have since bought 4 of her books - at least two of which were at full price! I still have 2 to read though. Soon - but I have some others to read ahead of it from work. Balance, you know.

So here is the back cover copy:

First, I had to lie to my boss. (Sort of.)
Then my parents had a fight. (They never fight.)
The pint-sized lapdog that is treated better than I am has thrown up. (Twice.)
And my mother’s six-foot-tall beauty-queen protégé won’t stop sniveling—and she takes up half the back seat.
This vacation hasn’t even started . . . and I’m ready to go home.

I knew better. I really did. No one in her right mind would actually choose to spend a week at the beach with a steel-Magnolia drama queen, a tragically disappointed diva-in-training, and a yapping, hurling, supremely annoying little canine princess. But I love Seaside, so I came. And was actually having fun until I ran into the gorgeous, exasperating Joshua North . . . and watched my good sense slide rapidly south. Which goes to show that even with a tan and (maybe) a new man in my life—I’m still the same old Savannah . . . from Savannah.

This book was hilarious. I laughed, and I laughed. The author has a great sense of humor. It wouldn't be funny if it were happening to you... but, when you decide you have to go on vacation to preserve your spot in the family, combine it with a number of hours in the car on a road trip with your parents, and then top it off with your mother being a nervous rider... it can all make for a funny story. (I know from experience and have lived to tell the stories. It doesn't make for fun while it is happening.)

But let me tell you, I will forever thank my lucky stars that I've never had to take a trip with a car sick dog nicknamed Pink Toes. (I have taken a trip with a dog that kept getting in my face all the way back from Vegas - and I was allergic to him.)

I'm also very thankful that my mother does not have a protégé. Of course, I've never fallen in love on a road trip with my parents either. That would kind of be nice.

Anyway, if you are looking for a light-hearted, funny, fast read, pick up Savannah by the Sea.

I'm still trying to put together my (and my mother's) scapbooks from our vacation back in May. I may never finish. I might better go work on it for a while. Although I'm ready to go somewhere and do something, I better not go anywhere and take more pictures until I finish putting together the ones from my last one.


Mimi N said…
I've only read "Will of Wisteria" and loved it! She is such a great author! Thanks for sharing about this book. Definitely need to pick it up!