I don't know about you, but I am NOT convinced

I was really trying to figure out what I was going to blog about tonight. I sat down at my computer to answer some email and sort through a few work things I needed to finish up. On the TV, America's Got Talent.

Tonight, 12 of the top 48 finalists. The show starts with the big tease of Simon Cowell telling the judges that they have a problem... more talent than any other year and they have to turn the top 40 into top 48.

Simon has absolutely lost his mind.

Now, I realize full well that I have no talent that could be performed on stage in front of America. I'm not under any false illusions, at least about that. However, I am not convinced that anyone in America, if accurately represented by this cross section of performers has talent.

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nunka. None.

In the first hour, the yodeling dominatrix got three X's before she began yodeling. The three dancing brothers were awful. The volume must have been messed up on TV because the girl that the judges gushed over sounded terrible singing her Miley Cyrus song (she made Miley sound great). And the drag queen zombies dancing outside of caskets? Pleezeee...

I was looking forward to Grandma Lee, the 75 year old comedian. She wasn't funny either. She was smutty acutally.

WHY, oh why, didn't they put through the acapella postal workers? Those poor guys probably need the $1 million seeing as the US government is planning on shutting down as many as 1000 post offices around the country.

Of course, my dad blames that on my mother and I having all of our bills drafted out of our bank accounts rather than spending money to purchase more checks and spend money on stamps to mail the bills. This was our conversation over dinner last night. It really makes him mad that we have stuff drafted. I can't explain why. If he had to figure out how to pay my student loan on time without it hitting the bank before my paycheck cleared each and every month, he might just change his tune.

Anyway, at least the postal workers had talent.


Pam said…
I liked those postal workers too. I'm just glad they didn't let the family that kept stapling things to the Dad through. That's not really talent in my book.