Do you got some gum?

The stillest that Peyton must have been at Paige's soccer game last night must have been just as the game started, as she watched for me to ascend up the hill to the soccer field. I heard her from a distance and as I looked up, Peyton ran for me, arms outstretched. Running, running, running with her arms in the air for probably 30 yards or more.

I paused where I was standing and threw my arms in the air in dramatic pose before proceeding, ready for a hug. And a hug I did get.

The first words to proceed from her lips?

"Do you got some gum?"

(This coming from the 5 year-old child who when she first went to the dentist when she was 3 had to have gum dug out of her mouth full of cavities.)

"Is that why you were so glad to see me? You just want gum?"

"Yea-us! But I still love you!"

Sometimes you just have to take your love however you can get it. It was her lucky day - I don't always bring my purse out to the soccer games.

"OK, just a second."

"Is it the yellow kind?" (Most brands now have a yellow in addition to their blue, green and red - it's pina colada.)

"Sort of, it's a new yellow kind. It's pineapple."

I dig my package of gum out of my purse and give her a piece. "Hey Madison, Audra's got some gum. It's pineapple."

"Hey Audra, I want some gum."

As I trudge to the stands, and plop myself down, I tell my mother, "she only wanted me for my gum."

"I know. She's been looking for you. I told her you would have some because I left my purse locked up in the back of the truck."

The girls ran off to play before Peyton came back. Another one of her friends wanted some gum. My last piece. Don't you just hate it when you have to give away your last piece?

As if that all weren't enough gum drama, she comes back to me closer at the end of the game. "I want some more gum."

"I don't have any. I gave you the last piece while ago."

"Why? I want some more."

"What am I supposed to do about it? You chewed it all."

"But I want some."

What am I going to do at this point? Pull some out of my ear? Mom finally tells her she'll get her some when they get back to the parking lot.

"I know. I'll stay here, and you can go to the truck and get me some gum and come back."

"I don't think so," Mom tells her.

And on and on she went through the rest of the game. Once the game was over we headed to the parking lot, Mom, Peyton, Madison and I with her chattering on about getting gum.

At this point I say, "Peyton Kathleen, I am just getting you gum for Christmas. That's it."

"OK, I want 100 gums."

"I'm not buying you 100 packs."

"OK, I just want 1 gum cuz I want some toys too. Wait. I want two gums."

"One pineapple, one peppermint?" (Because if it's not yellow, it has to be Trident Splash Peppermint.)


"OK, fine."

Madison replies, "I want one gum too!"

By the time Dad got to the truck to unlock the back, Brian had caught up and was ready to head 'em up and move 'em out. Mom threw her pack of gum at Peyton and told her to just take it all.

About 8:30 this morning, I sure did want a piece of gum. Guess I have to go the grocery store before church Sunday morning.

I'm less picky than Peyton when it comes to gum (I'm giving myself jaw aches chewing whatever), but have to get what I can find at whatever checkout I end up at. I will now rank Peyton's favorite choices.

*While I was looking for the images of gum. I found out that you can buy cases of gum on Amazon. I never really thought about doing that. Sure, I've bought books, CDs and even my iPod on Amazon, but I've never thought to buy gum in bulk on Amazon.


Angie White said…
Well, at least you know what to get the girls for Christmas. A whole CASE of gums!!