Petunia the Pig Caller

At Cracker Barrel on Friday night, I found something that I wanted to get for Paige, but Dad said if I got it, she'd never speak to me again. I'll have to back up the story before I tell you what it was.

On Wednesday, Brian had called Paige about showing an animal this coming spring in the youth expo. Paige's friend Emalee had already gotten her pig. Brian talked to Paige about getting her a pig too. So, Paige had been talking about getting her a pig.

Paige now has this spacer/expander contraption in her mouth so that she can get braces in a couple of weeks. She also had some sinus issues so when she started making this noise she started making, I don't think she realized what sound she was making. I asked her, "what is this noise you are making?"

Dad said, "she's working on calling her pig."

I said, "that's it! It does sound like a pig call!"

She did not like that we decided this, yet she kept making this stupid little noise that annoyed the heck out of us.

Paige also didn't like my idea that she should name her pig "Petunia" if it happens to be a female pig. She said that was the worst name in the world. Granted, I hated it when Dad went through a phase of calling me Petunia, but in my defense, Petunia was Porky Pig's girlfriend. We had been making random pig jokes on through the day along with her pig call.

So later, Dad told Peyton not to eat or drink something after Paige because of germs they had. Dad made some reference to the Swine flu. I laughed and said, "I think Paige already has it. Oh, she doesn't get the joke Dad..."

"Yes, I did and you are mean."

Mom says, "you better go apologize."

"Dad started it," I proclaimed as he and I continued laughing.

I did go and apologize even though she knew we were joking.

Well, at Cracker Barrel, they had this little stuffed pig that snorted out the tune of "Jingle Bells". I picked it up, took it over to Dad and said, "does this sound like anyone you know?"

Dad started laughing and some woman working there said, "be nice!" Dad told me that Paige would never speak to me again if I got that for her. Mom agreed it would not go over too well.

I think little "Petunia the Pig Caller" would have to love it because I gave it to her.