Happy Birthday to Me!

In case you were wondering if I had anything special planned for my birthday today, the answer is no.

Jenny took me to lunch at OMI, and my parents got me pizza for dinner (which actually is a special occurrence), and that was it. ...other than getting the new sheets I wanted and a Barnes & Noble gift card that I've already used.

Mom called me and left me message this morning, Dad emailed me, I received a couple of birthday cards, I got a couple of other emails and lots of Facebook birthday wishes. That was it.

That was intentional on my part though. Long story. Though it's not an age thing, I was really trying to ignore my birthday and make it a non-event. I think I achieved that.


Qtpies7 said…
Well, you got plenty of birthday wishes on Facebook!
I don't want a big deal out of my birthday, either. I don't really think it is a special day. I don't want my parents or my husband to forget it, but just an acknowledgement is all that is needed. I don't even care about a card. My siblings don't even need to remember, lol.
Audra Jennings said…
I didn't hear from my brother yesterday. BUT someone should have reminded him so that his girls could call. They will be disappointed when/if they figure out they missed it. I told Peyton we could have cheesecake for my birthday.
CherryBlossomMJ said…
I had forgot we shared a birthday. Happy belated birthday. Mine was an average day of turning 25 with AppleBlossom letting me know that day was all about her and not me. LOL

I got a txt msg from my brother. A phone call from my sister who lives in Scotland, and an email from my other sister. It was interesting.
Thomas said…