The great road trip debate - part 1

I have the week off and it looks like the furthest I will be venturing away from home will be Cedar Hill, TX, and that was yesterday. I'll go into that more tomorrow. I'll entertain you with another tale for now.

I took off this week because A) I needed to take a week at some point and B) there was the thought that we might possibly take the girls somewhere, but that ended up not working out - just bad timing.

Unless we took the girls somewhere nearby for a few days, we knew we wouldn't likely go anywhere - Mom is off this week too and Dad is off every week now. Dad decided today we could try to head out of down for a few days. The idea of going to an outside play in Tulsa (that my parents have already been to), or to the Texas play out at Palo Duro Canyon, neither one had a great appeal to me, so that got nixed quickly. Though I did want to go somewhere as I have anticipated my time off for the past month or so, I've resolved myself to the the idea of sticking at home glued to my couch for the week. (Angie, Jenny, Peyton and Paige can all testify to the sanity of that move if I choose to make it.)

But, all of that is still not the main point of tonight's blog. Tonight's post is about the great debate revolving the potential plans for a potential October vacation. Mom has a week down, I have another week to take by the end of the year, and Dad's off every week (have I mentioned that already?).

Last Sunday, I think it was, sometime around then, Dad says, "you're mom has come up with a place to go for vacation?" With trepidation, I ask, "and where is that?"


"Uh, OK. I'll fly up there since I won't have enough vacation time left for that drive, and you can pick me up at the airport."

My mom has always wanted to go to New England. There and Mt. Rushmore. I guess New England is her final frontier to visit or something. Oh, I take that back. I'll get to that later.

"Well, we drove to Washington DC."

Yes, yes, we did. And you could drive there. Technically, you could drive to the tip of Chile through all of South America, but you aren't going to do it on a week's vacation. When we went to DC, we left on a Thursday evening, and ended up back home the next Sunday after spending about 5 days in the DC/Baltimore area. It would really take an extra day coming and going, and I just don't think you'd get to tour all of the New England states.

"Do you plan to see any of New York City on your drive through?" I inquire.

"Well, you would practically go through it, but I know what you're saying."

Again, I'm not opposed to going to Boston. I just tend to be the voice of logic in my life. It drives some people crazy, but God made me that way. I did search for flights and hotels, and prices were not bad. I relay this information as my dad claims he'll think about getting on an airplane. My mom acts like its Dad that will never get on the plane thus squashing the idea. I think Dad and I both know she's the one that wouldn't. Actually, I'm not convinced either would ever seriously consider.

Anyway, Boston was the train of thought for a day or two. Then, my parents tell me, "We've come up with something else. We're thinking California."

The story continues... tune in tomorrow for the continuing saga of planning a vacation with my parents.