Part 5 - One Word: Utah

At this rate, we might as well stay home. While I like the idea of going to Chicago via Kansas City this time, Mom especially seems non-committal. We actually all agreed it was my year to choose (based on last year was Mom and South Dakota, the big vacation before was Savannah/Charleston from Dad). But, being the people pleaser I am, I'm not being as decisive as I guess I should be.

The problem is, there are places I want to go, but they aren't drive in a week locations. Each of my parents claim they would be more likely to get on a plane than the other while I see neither ever happening. (Though I did convince money conscious Mom that we could save days of hotel, time and gas.)

We took a map, marked off the places we had been, and figure out the areas we had not gone. Within this area of "never been" was Utah. And Dad picked up on this, remembered a conversation he and Mom had with someone and started trying to figure out where it was. Mom and I had seen something on the Travel Channel last weekend on Arches National Park. But, Mom doesn't figure the mountains of Salt Lake City is the place to be the last week of October.

OK, fine, let's scratch this whole discussion since it's obviously not working out. Mom says we need to take time to plan (is 2 months not enough?). She's also said that we should plan for next year so we can take extra time off and save (yeah, I don't see the saving part happening). At the same time, the argument is, "No, we're going somewhere because Dad wants to go." THEN MAKE A DECISION!

We didn't have money saved up in April. I decided to take that week off because I needed a break and was going to Rangers Opening Day anyway. Mom joined and we stuck in Texas. I picked a week in August because you have to space out your time anyway to get it in and thought we might do something with the girls. We all sat at home because it was too hot to go anywhere anyway (or so it was said). Mom has a week in September, but I didn't really realize this because she and Dad kept talking October. Besides, I need a little time between weeks and other people at my office are away in September anyway. Now October is no good because of hurricanes or snow or whatever. WHEN IS A GOOD TIME?

Figuring out a place to go should not be such a giant pain. I think I'll just fly to Seattle by myself or something. Anyone want to sign up as my vacation buddy?


Anonymous said…
Utah shouldn't be to bad that time of year. Way up in the mountains will have snow, but SLC and the Arches area should be fine. Chilly in the mornings, yes, but in the 60's during the day, still.
Audra Jennings said…
I think we are going to hold on Utah for another time. We have made a decision, but I'm not telling what we ended up deciding yet. :)