So, what have you done?

Since I haven't gone anywhere, you might be wondering what I have done this week. Well, the answer is, "a whole lot of nothin'."
Thus far, my most adventurous day was Monday. I talked with Paige on Sunday evening, telling her that if she could go on Monday, I would take her to see Ramona and Beezus as I had promised her that I would. But, the kicker was that Grandma wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to get something she wanted, and if I were to Waxahachie already, I'd rather go on a little further and do both on the same day. I knew she and Peyton wouldn't like that, and Mom probably didn't want to go to the movies. However, as the designated driver, I was making the rules for once.

So, we did end up going on up to Cedar Hill so that Mom could get her padding for her headboard she was making. At the Pier 1 next door, I did find the Chinese lantern kit that I wanted for my living room. Then, Mom and I trumped Paige on restaurants and had Chili's. You can order chicken strips anywhere, and even if theirs were gross in her opinion, we didn't have to have to go to her first choice.

We get back to Waxahachie for the movie, which was a lot cuter and funnier than I expected. I think all four of us almost cried at some point. Check out this trailer:

On Tuesday morning, I spent a little more time with the girls - we ended up doing some origami with some paper I bought at Hobby Lobby. Peyton got mad because I helped her too much, but that's not really what I was going to share about Tuesday.

The main reason we went and saw Ramona and Beezus was that Paige had been reading through the books. I bought her the first boxed set for Christmas and the second set for her birthday which was what she assigned me. When she wanted books for Christmas, I went looking for age appropriate boxed sets. I don't really remember reading the Ramona books, but they have been around since I was her age and before, so I thought they were a good choice. (I had read the Fudge books and that was the other set I had gotten her.)

The movie is actually a lot of aspects of the entire series rolled into one. Paige had read most of the books, and had read the backs of all the books again after the movie. She whispers to me Tuesday morning, "I think it was like in the first or second book, but in it, Aunt Bea was a lesbian."

"Oh, well, she wasn't in the movie, huh?" is my dumfounded answer. Now, this makes some sense as to why she was randomly spouting the word "lesbian" at the dinner table a few months ago. (Did I blog about that? I kind of think that I did.) What I'm thinking at this point is, "oh, wow. I'm the one that gave her this set of books that has brought up this subject." We dropped our conversation right there and didn't bring it back up. I did relay this to my mother later.

Anyway, on Tuesday afternoon, I worked some on a scrapbook project from our Texas trip back in April. I've not had time to work on it in the past four months. Then, I met up with Angie for a Caramel Frappachino at Two Doors Down and we came back to appreciate the comfort of my new furniture and chatted for a while.

Wednesday, my parents came over to help me hang my Chinese lantern. I had given Dad the metal yardstick so he could measure where to put the hook as Mom held on to the lantern while I was handing things back and forth. The lantern was attached to the cord since we were trying to figure things out. Dad brings down the yard stick, and Mom wasn't paying enough attention to move quickly, and before we could even get it hung, I had a puncture in it. Hopefully, it doesn't tear more than it already has in that spot.

So, Wednesday, I spent some time in my purple chair with my feet propped on my purple ottoman reading a book under my new lantern light specifically purchased to be able to read in said chair, the most comfortable reading spot in the house.

Thursday... I did some more work on the scrapbooking project, finished the book I had been reading and played canasta online, finally broke my 11 game losing streak. Caught up on some blogging.

Friday (today when this posts), I'm going tback to the movies - something I rarely do. This time with a group of women from church and a few others. Having some Olive Garden and Eat Pray Love. Should be fun!

I also need to do some book reviews on some of my latest reads. Be on the lookout for these reviews: