Thrasher launches new series for young adults

Being Alone Can Be Terrifying
Trying to Save the One You Love Can Be Deadly

Hidden secrets provide the magnetic force that draws Chris Buckley and Jocelyn Evans together in the town of Solitary, North Carolina. There is no resistance strong enough to prevent these two young people from being pulled into the terrifying reality that has remained hidden in this town for so long. Travis Thrasher brings his talent to the young adult market in his latest horror tale, Solitary. Blending the sinister power of secrets with the unyielding power of young love, Thrasher creates a tale that will draw readers deep within this rural town and into the darkened hearts of the people who reside within this isolated mountain community.

Sixteen-year-old Chris Buckley has moved to the town of Solitary, North Carolina, with his mother, and he immediately senses that there is something dark lurking beneath the surface of the community he now calls home. Chris also discovers something far more powerful and unexpected than the unusual people of Solitary. He discovers that it is possible to love someone else enough to risk everything—even life itself. Jocelyn Evans repels Chris with as much power as she draws him to her heart when they first begin their relationship. As their emotions strengthen and grow, Chris learns that Jocelyn harbors terrifying secrets about the town and the evil that lurks within its residents. By the time Chris faces the horrifying reality of the evil forces at work around him, he realizes that living a life without Jocelyn is even more frightening.

Travis Thrasher is an author who knows how to tap into the fear that lurks within the human heart, and his latest novel invites teens to enjoy his terrifying tales. Thrasher builds on the broken, hurting hearts of his characters to create a tale that will keep them up at night in hopes that the people within the story survive until the end of the book! He also understands the power of redemption and flawlessly blends hope into the darkness that his characters must battle against in order to survive. Evil and its minions are most effective when those upon whom they prey feel isolated and alone. The remote town of Solitary, North Carolina, provides the perfect setting for this horror tale and reveals that the most frightening things in this world reside within the human heart. Told from the perspective of a sixteen-year-old boy experiencing love for the first time, Thrasher’s Solitary will have readers leaving their lights on and making sure that they don’t spend too much time alone!

About the Author: Travis Thrasher is an author of diverse talents with more than twelve published novels including romance, suspense, adventure, and supernatural horror tales. At the core of each of his stories lie flawed characters in search of redemption. Thrasher weaves hope within all of his tales, and he loves surprising his readers with amazing plot twists and unexpected variety in his writing. Travis lives with his wife and daughter in a suburb of Chicago. Solitary is his first young adult novel.

Solitary: Book 1 in the Solitary Tales Series by Travis Thrasher
David C Cook/August 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4347-6421-8/336 pages/softcover/$14.99

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