I wasn't planning on a part 3, but...

Alas, I have a third entry about the great road trip debate. As I left my parents' house on Tuesday, I assigned them a task of coming up with a list in hopes we could actually stop debating and start planning.

Last night, as we sat down to eat, I asked who had done their homework assignment of working on their lists. What that had come up with was New Orleans. Of course, they note that we need a back-up plan since we would be going during hurricane season.

There's just something about that idea that I'm not overly excited about. I guess it's because when I think "New Orleans" I think of destruction and drunken craziness though I admit that is not necessarily a fair assessment. I really don't say anything and my thought process is, "now Audra, you can't pray for a hurricane to hit New Orleans so that you can do something else."

Dad further prods the conversation by saying, "we've had doing vacations like Chicago and seeing vacations like South Dakota, and there's nothing wrong with either one, but what have we done that you enjoy most?"

We don't answer immediately, but I finally say, "architectural tours whether by boat, bus, car or trolley." Mom says she liked going out and visiting an old plantation. Neither answer hit what Dad thought we would say as he was thinking going to the theater, strangely enough.

Our answers made Dad conclude two things: 1) Mom and I were cheap dates (not completely sure how he figures) and 2) this New Orleans idea might be a better idea than he thought because both Mom and I could do these things there. These added to the selling points of A) we have not gone there before and B) it was within driving distance.

As quickly as the idea came to be, it may have been shot down. We looked further into hotel reservations for the week that is in question (honestly, I haven't looked at the office calendar to see if I can even take off the same week my mother has down), and many rooms were already booked up or the rooms were the most expensive rates listed. We played around with dates to see if the last week of October really was the most expensive week to go and figure out why. As best we can figure, the Saints play home the Sunday before and after the Monday-Friday in question and people are staying the week.

Maybe the Saints helped me out without having to pray for a hurricane! ;)