The great road trip debate - Part 4

And the saga continues. I'll update you on the discussions of the past week and a half since I last posted about the ongoing discussions on where we might go on vacation, if we go, in October. I'm still in semi-denial that we'll go anywhere.

So, it was decided that the last week of October was indeed a bad week to go to New Orleans. Within a couple of days, my dad randomly starts talking about going to Nashville. Why? I'm not quite sure. Mom & Dad spent some time there one year coming back from Gatlinburg, and I've only driven through.

I was not very enthusiastic about this idea, but I figured the idea would pass if I gave it some time. After I said, "yeah" (unenthusiastically) to the question, "would you go see Alan Jackson at the Grand Ole Opry?", that idea went on to the wayside. I guess anyway.

Then several days went by where vacation was kind of brought up, but no direction mentioned. Yesterday, I went to the scrapbook store to pick up something I needed for a project I was working on. They had several things for San Francisco, so I brought that up as a possibility again. Dad looked a little bit at that last night. He got annoyed because he was yelling out flight prices while Mom and I were laughing at some old guy on "House Hunters" that was worried about being green and his particle board kitchen cabinets emitting toxic fumes from the formaldehyde. Why I had to go see what he found that minute, I will never know, because the reality of him actually committing to flying anywhere is a non-reality.

In the Corsicana paper today, there was something about "don't just think New England when you think of fall colors, think about the Carolinas and Georgia too." Mom mentioned seeing it, I said we'd already been there done that in the fall. In the Dallas Morning News' Travel section, there was something about this peninsula where they grow cherries in Wisconsin. It's a big tourist area in the summer with things to do into the fall. It was an idea, a place to go, so I said we could go through Minneapolis on the way - including the Mall of the Americas. Dad thought I was nuts because his geography took a vacation itself.

I wasn't as stupid as he thought because Kansas City to Des Moines to Minneapolis to Green Bay wasn't as out of the way as he thought. Then we could come back through Chicago (my favorite vacation stop). Mom sees though that things start closing down at the end of October. Uh oh. Been to places like that. We learned our lesson about getting to South Dakota too soon, so this was a warning flag.

I left my parents' house to take a nap. Dad said to call him when I woke up to get the update once he looked up some things online. When I called later, they decided that was off the list because the places would be closed down by then.

So, to recap, in case you've missed the places mentioned:

California (destination to be determined)
Greenville, SC
New Orleans
Kansas City
San Francisco
Green Bay, WI

It sounds like to me that we'll be staying home. I still haven't put in the request for this given week. If we don't actually go somewhere, I may decide to take a different week.

Paige and I have been planning on going to Hawaii for her high school graduation since she was in Kindergarten or 1st grade. (She'll be starting 4th grade tomorrow.) At least I know where I'll be going in just less than 9 years. Peyton and I haven't made our final decision yet. Seeing as tomorrow is her first day of first grade, I think she and I have time to decide. Who am I kidding, we may have it nailed down before October.