Excuses, excuses, excuses

Evidently, the great road trip debate has turned into the great bed bug debate. It appears my parents watched too much news recently, especially since stores in Chicago are being closed due to the infestation. Chicago, by the way, was the decided destination after trekking through Iowa for a while.

First there was another reason why we weren't making reservations, but that ended up being a non-issue, so we were supposed to start planning. Now it's "let's wait a week and see if bugs start dying." It sounds like the whole trip may now be in question though I have run several hotels we have talked about staying at through "bed bug finders" and have found no reported cases.

Do we want to go on a trip, or do we not? If not, just say so and save us all some time and energy already.

Oh... and get this. After researching what bed bugs look like, what they do to you and where they are, I just out of curiosity looked to see if there were any Rangers playoff tickets available for the first round and the prices. I make the statement that the prices for later series were not posted and World Series would probably be $120 a piece in the upper decks. Dad says, "Well, $360 for three people is still cheaper than going to Chicago." The World Series happens to be the week we were/are (might be/might not be) going to be gone.

Oh, me of little faith, but I don't see that happening (the Rangers in the World Series). I give up. (Not on the Rangers - on the trip.)