Who's hoarding all my time?

Regardless of your fun level, time flies. That's my insightfulness for the day. I don't know where the last week went, or the last month for that matter.

My main point of this is that on Monday, I sat down and did some pre-posts for my blog and the company blog so that I wouldn't need to sit down daily and post. As would be expected, some other releases came up at work that needed to be posted, and I worked on those and rearranged through out the week. As much time as I spent posting and reposting and rearranging, I would have thought I'd have had a post here on Seriously? since Wednesday. No such luck.

On Thursday night, I had the TV on Animal Hoarders which just goes to prove how little is on TV. After watching Hoarding: Buried Alive before going to bed on Sunday night where two cats were really buried alive and found while throwing out someone's junk, I really should have had my fill for the week. But, no, I've evidently I've developed an obsession with watching these shows about people with issues larger and more numerous than my own.

You can tell when I'm trying to catch up on work and am on the computer because while I'm doing that I have reality TV on and while I am watching reality TV, I end up commenting a lot on Facebook because I know others are stuck watching the same things I land on. (If I weren't being productive, I'd be laying on my beloved purple couch with the computer off.)

Anyway, the conversation that ensued was quite entertaining. You really ought to go over to Facebook and catch it. I'm surprised I haven't had nightmares all week about it. I'd blog more about that, but I kind of had enough of that discussion on Thursday night.

I'll close with a question. If something you held on to got out of control? What would you end up hoarding?