Who I hope not to be stuck on a deserted island with

After watching Survivor the other night and listening to Jimmy Johnson talk his head off, I decided to come up with my list of top 20 people I wouldn't want to be on Survivor with. I'm entertained by Jimmy to an extent. I just got to thinking about people I wouldn't want to get stuck on an island with, most of which are reality TV "stars". I asked for feedback on Facebook, but didn't get a lot of suggestions. I'll start the list tonight and see how far I get:
  1. Russell Hantz from Survivor. Anyone who watched his 2 seasons can understand why right down to why he thinks he should be given a million dollars.
  2. Kate Gosselin. This one was nominated on may Facebook post. Enough said.
  3. Elizabeth from Bachelor Pad. Kovacs was right. She has a screw loose. And her obsession with him was enough to drive anyone crazy.
  4. Kovacs from Bachelor Pad. I don't think I would have disliked him so much if it weren't for Elizabeth.
  5. Tenley from Bachelor Pad. The sound of her voice.
  6. Prince Poppycock from America's Got Talent. A little of him goes a long, long way.
  7. Josh Lewin, broadcaster for the Texas Rangers. He also does the Fox Saturday game of the week. And I believe football for the San Diego Chargers. I'm simply not a fan.
  8. Fred from iCarly. This isn't a reality star, but someone worth adding. I watched the Fred movie last night with Peyton, and it was just bad.
  9. I reserve one spot for someone that I am not able to name, but would swim off the island and risk shark attack to stay away from.
I don't remember who else I came up with. That drives me nuts. I was hoping to get to 10 tonight. Maybe this wasn't the funny, interesting idea I first thought it was. Hmmm...