Watching HGTV paid off

Earlier this week, there was something I was going to blog about over the weekend when I had a chance. But for the life of me, I don't remember what it was. Oh, well. It must not have been very interesting.

My landlords have recently had the roof done and put up new siding where there was wood trim, etc. before. It looks really good, but my front door had been "peeling" wood veneer since I moved in. My back door hadn't been painted in who knows how long and was looking rough. I decided to paint the doors today.

I went out to Home Depot and acted like I knew something. I decided on a paint color and went looking down the aisle of paint to find the right base for exterior doors. I went "ultra" to get the paint and primer in one (didn't know how the front door was going to cover). There's one can left for dark base. I take my can up to get the color mixed, and I think I actually impressed the paint guy. I asked him to make sure it was what I needed, and he said, "you must have been here before."

Ah hah! I do know a little somethin' somethin' from watching HGTV.

I came home, scraped the rest of the peeling veneer off the front door and three coated both doors. I can only imagine how bad it would have been without the primer. That faded blue spot on the side of my right leg isn't a bruise. It's the spot that didn't get all the way clean in the shower and that one spot on my heel. Thankfully, I got the spot on my face.

My arm is going to be killing me tomorrow though. I have an extra rib in my neck and it makes my arm and shoulder ache something awful after painting. I'm already starting to feel it in my neck and hoping the Advil I just took kicks on in.

At least my doors look better. I'm hoping the paint darkens more. It's not quite the color chip dark, at least not yet. Maybe it's because the chip isn't the "ultra" chip and the primer had something to do with it. It's a little more bold than I thought it was going to be. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow when I can take pictures in the daylight.