Is 30-something the new middle age?

I haven't watched Survivor yet. After I got out of church, I had to go to the grocery store, and now I'm trying to figure out if a semi-cross dresser (at least when it comes to high heels) in mime make-up is really the most talented person in America. OH, WOW! Prince Poppycock literally got eliminated while I was typing the period of that sentence. He was the first of the four that went. I bet that shocked many people.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. I haven't watched Survivor yet. I'm a bit disappointed that it's on Wednesday nights now because Thursdays are my usual sacred TV night during the fall with new shows, but that's still not the point either.

This season on Survivor, the contestants are divided into tribes by their age. Under 30 and over 40. There is no one in the age bracket in between. Being of an age in between the two groups makes me wonder. Yes, I realize it's just a TV show. Anyway, that's the thought I was going after.

Obviously, I've had nothing interesting to blog about lately. That's because all I do is work and watch reality TV. I'm wondering if I could get a second job writing blabbering non-sense about reality TV. There are a number of who making a living doing such, why can't I make a little extra money? I'd like to pay off my purple furniture quickly and I have a wish list on Amazon. Plus, I have to save up for my trip to Hawaii coming up in 8 1/2 years when Paige graduates high school. I really should start saving at some point.

I'm really beginning to wonder about my obsession with watching the various shows on hoarding (there's a different show on at least three networks). I'm pretty sure there's something a little OCD about that. I should ask my counseling friends about that.

My other obsession is the Brookshire's "Thanks a Million" game. For those of you who don't have a Brookshire's, it's very similar to playing Monopoly at McDonald's. (I had a friend who was obsessed with that in college. She frequently went to get a Coke and french fries in order to get game pieces.) No telling how many game pieces me and my mom have gone through. I have to admit, I bought a few items I didn't necessarily have to have this particular trip to the grocery store in order to get extra game pieces. I'm bound and determined to get the half a cupcake game piece that I need in order to win an i-Pad.

So far, all we have one is $4. Two $2 wins that we have yet to redeem. Maybe I'll take that $4 and by some scratch-offs. I'd have just about as good of luck. OR save my $4 and invest it in video poker machines on my next vacation. I'll have to convince my dad to stop at a river boat on the Mississippi River leaving Iowa (if we leave Iowa considering my mom's "want to do list"). Yes, I am joking about this, but I might as well considering my obsession with this Brookshire's game.

OK, I have to see if that half a cupcake is somewhere in these 23 game pieces in front of me. (Ten were redeemed for having some "two free" coupons.) That does sort of sound like something an old person does, doesn't it?


Cara Putman said…
I really hope mid-30s isn't the new middle age. I'm way too young to be in middle age. Especially considering how long we'll live!