Camera shy

I am BlackBerry blogging again tonight. Not my favorite way to blog for sure. But I gave up on my computer. I tried catching up on some stuff today, but the more I try to do, the less I get done. I gave up, and my computer was acting up. It's been acting up since I installed Skype earlier this week.

When I gave in to the Skype revolution. I had held out up to this point. But... Fu Ming wanted to video chat.

I hooked up a camera I got for free. I bought earphones. I installed Skype. I gave in.

Well, actually, before got the camera, instant messaged while Fu Ming talked to me while I watched him. It was kind of awkward communicating with he and his Chinese friend using text while they are talking.

I got the camera hooked up Tuesday, and about 10 minutes later, Fu Ming logged online. We got to face to face chat for the first time. I was kind of nervous about the whole thing for some reason. Talking on the phone is one thing, trying to make a good first impression via video chat is another.

Fu Ming was quite excited. Why he was so excited to talk to me via video really is beyond my comprehension.  (At least I made sure my hair was brushed.) I, however, sounded like an idiot. I spoke in short bursts. Maybe I was distracted seeing myself. I am not sure.

The free camera kept disconnecting because it really is not good enough for Skype and a part of my problem. I had a glow the color of the room I was in. Really bad pic. So bad that I am now convinced that I will have to buy a new cam after next pay day.

Here is the most awkward moment: Fu Ming's cell phone rang and so he answered on camera, and I get to hear his side of the conversation.

"Oh hey, I am talking to Audra. I've told you about her. We are actually on Skype so I got to see her for the first time as we talked. I can't tell you what I think right now because she is listening. I will tell you about it later..."

Uh, ok. Great since I sound like an idiot.

It went better last night when I got on with Fu Ming's sister, Abby Cadabby. That was pretty fun.

Maybe I will do more video blogs when I get the new camera. Or maybe not. I am not a big fan of being seen. Can I do it with my eyes closed? I guess I would look pretty stupid that way.