Why is it?

Why is it...?

The harder I try to catch up, the further I get behind?

My neck feels like I held a phone between my neck and shoulder all day when I think I used my headset everytime I talked to someone today?

Michelle is playing the victim on The Bachelor after the rose tonight? And Ashley looks so much better tonight than she did on the show?

I really cannot come up with anything great to blog about these days?

I sort of do have something to blog about but find that subject to be sort of off limits though it could be funny?

Perhaps I will start video blogging soon. I need to set up a webcam I have in my possession so that I can Skype. Evidently video is the next step in an email/phone quasi-relationship if that is what it is.. But based on the video blogs I have done, make weird faces and talk with my hands a lot. Yeah that is attractive. And I was having a terribly ferocious hair day the last time I had a phone conversation. that would be frightening too.

Total change of subject, but just saw a commercial that Shark Tank is coming back on in a few weeks. Strangely, I find Robert and his blue eyes hot. And Mark Cuban and Jeff Foxworthy are Sharks this time. I find Mark Cuban highly entertaining.