The feeling is mutual

For those of you that thought it was interesting and exciting that was actually talking to a member of the opposite sex, I am back to my ever boring self.

Fu Ming (no, that's not his real name since he isn't actually Chinese) and I have mutually decided that yeah, we're not into it. We haven't actually had that conversation though. We've mutually talked to his sister.

It's kind of comical really. Even his sister thought so. There were things he said that made me think that he was more interested me than I was in him. I even started screening phone calls quite honestly. That was because I really wanted to watch the finale of The Bachelor.

Last Friday night, I was logged into Skype, and Fu Ming called. I was too tired to think coherently and carry on much of a conversation. I ended up suggesting that we call in his dear sister for a conference call so that I didn't have to carry on a conversation. From start to finish, the whole conversation was awkward, including the fact that he admitted his laugh with me was his awkward laugh. This admission after saying he was laughing quite differently with his sister.

Afterwards, us two girls had a chat. She revealed she found it funny that her brother thought I was more interested in him that he was in me. Funny indeed. She's talked to him since, and evidently we are on the same page. I'm so glad we talked to her!

Today, my three months of paid membership on the singles site went out. In fact, I just got the official notification via email that I am expired. Today, on the last day, I was "winked" at meaning someone found my profile interesting. I didn't wink back. And I'm not renewing at this time.

And so it goes.