Every night should be a party

So last night I had a Sister Wives party after church to kick off the new season. Well, they are just as nuts as they ever were, and I introduced two new people, including my preachers wife to the world of reality polygamy.

It then turned into a Hoarders party. It confirmed to all of us that though our houses may have a layer of dust everywhere (I know mine does) and we may have piles of laundry (I hid mine in the closet)but we aren't that bad off. Every one needs assurance of some kind every once in a while, I take that back. Often.

It was lots of fun, and I am looking forward to the next reality TV night.

And after what turned out to be a rough day, I wish I had a Bachelor watching party. I almost typed Bachelor party, but that would have been so wrong. I cannot say more than that because of my Mountain an Pacific time zone friends.