I think I'll plead insanity

My planned topic of conversation for tonight will just have to be postponed to tomorrow due to more pressing issues.

Today, I received a jury summons in the mail. The last time I got a jury summons, I got stuck on the jury. Do you remember the potato chip trial from a year and a half ago? If not, you must go and read it. It was one of my best written blogs EVER.

Basically, a guy was being charged with assault for throwing a potato chip at a cashier at HEB. Do a search hear on my blog for "Potato Chip" and you see parts one and two.

So help me, I needed to declared insane after that day of jury duty. I think I'm going to plead insanity when they ask about potential jurors this time. Do you think I will pass for insane?

Previously, it was municipal court. This time it is district court. Definitely bigger crimes than throwing potato chips. Of course, there is a good chance it will get cancelled, but still. I really don't want to do my civic duty.