I'm having a party

Truly, if you live around here and want to come, next Sunday night, March 13, I am having a Sister Wives watching party. I believe the season premiere starts at 8 PM, so you can come around 7:30. (Several of us will be meetin up after church.)

Call me strange, but it really does fascinate me. I really don't see why any woman would be willing to share her husband with other women and live altogether. Fascinating, just fascinating! (That reminds me of a guy who brought his resume into our office one time and he said "fascinating" at least 5 times.)

Seeing as I find Mormon polygamy such an interesting topic, I guess I shouldn't find it strange that my friend in China Fu Ming is obsessed with Mormons. I really haven't gotten to the root of why though. He would like to come to my party and watch from my purple couch (I had to send him a picture of it), however, he's not flying in from China for it.

The one place he has never gone that he really wants to go is Salt Lake City. If the price of gas is anywhere near affordable, my family has talked about going to Utah on vacation. I joke that I am going to beat him there. But, with the price of gas, we may not be venturing far.

Even if we do go to Utah, we won't see the Brown family because they are moving off to Nevada so they won't be charged with polygamy.

In a discussion about why I am not a fan of Branson, I was trying to explain what the whole place was about. "All of the performers are either old and over country stars or performing Mormon families." This, I tell you was a mistake. Now Fu Ming wants to go to Branson just because I told him that there were a lot of Mormons straight from the Mother Land (Ew-taw as they call it - I've heard them reference it that way).

I hope he has fun there because I'd rather go to Utah this year.


emy said…
I just started watching Sister Wives today. I'm now hooked. I should've come to your party!