9th cousin 3 times removed?

My mother finally has a hobby. Well, at one time she did cross stitch, but that was many, many years ago. 

She is all into this ancestry thing and this weekend she tracked down a tidbit of information that she has gotten the most excited about.

She found that President George H. W. Bush's mother was a 7th cousin twice removed on her paternal grandfather's side. Now, I still don't know the rules of removal, and I think that was to her rather than her grandfather, but I am not sure why she stopped at the mother instead of George Sr.

And I am not sure if that makes me and "W" ninth cousins twice removed or something four times removed or just two people living this life here on the planet Earth. I lean towards the latter.

Between both sides of my family, mom has found four US presidents in my ancestry. She even called her aunt on her mother's side to brag and/or rub it in that it wasn't on that side of the family.

Maybe the next time I am at the Rangers game I will make my way over to the owners box where W is sitting with Nolan Ryan and introduce myself as his cousin. I somehow doubt that will get me prime seats to watch the game.