I was beginning to wonder

Back a couple of weeks ago when the earthquakes hit the east coast, Colorado and California all in one day, someone asked me if the Bible said there would be earthquakes to mark Jesus' coming. She also said that her mother thought that the world was coming to the end this year because the lack of rain was going to light everything on fire.

Sunday, I wondered about that myself. The thought actually crossed my mind.

For those of you outside of Texas, it seems like the whole state is catching on fire. Over the past week, they've been trying to control a fire up at Possum Kingdom lake. Down in the Austin/Bastrop area, there's a huge fire. In counties all around us there have been fires. On Sunday, there were at least 4 or 5 fires here in this county.

In fact, everything around my brother's house is black from the burn from what I hear. Helicopters from the National Forestry Service dropped water on the lot next to his house to stop the fire. The place where my co-worker's brother used to work burned, and I need to check with Jenny to see if her mom's office had any damage. Three different locations right there.

Thankfully, it started raining over the fires on Sunday. At least enough to help out a little bit, but we could sure use some more. Today, the whole town of Corsicana has a smokey haze and smell about it.

I made a comment about something today, saying something like, "why on God's green earth...?" I revised it to brown, then changed it to black. At least that is the case around here.