I'm too old for this

That's what I was thinking last night about 10:30 on the green hill of the Gexa Energy pavilion at a concert. It's not that the crowds were large or the music was too loud or that my left leg had gone to sleep earlier while sitting on the ground. It was because I was so very tired. Getting about 5 hours or less of sleep the night before didn't help. That was a combination of problems I won't go into.

Oh, but it was good for me. A normal Friday night consists of coming home and turning the TV to see the ridiculous women shell out thousands of dollars for a wedding dress on Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. It usually does not take long before I fall asleep and take a two hour nap on the couch or love seat before getting up, taking a shower and going to bed.

My friends Jenny, Rakia, Courtney and I went to Train and Maroon 5 to drool over Adam Levine. We would have drooled more if we had binoculars. We were way out on the lawn hill to which I have to say they did a great job of watering it and keeping it growing over this hot summer. It's amazing we weren't sitting on hay and dirt, but in fact, they must have watered it earlier in the day because I could have used a blanket for sure.

Anyway, great show. I'm not even trying to explain to my mother who either group is. I do think I inhaled too much of what the crowd was smoking though. It's amazing that it still happens in public places. Especially given that security guards were threatening certain people with breathalyzers just because they had a drink in their hand. Even if the guy was joking just because he could tell who was the life of the party. (And goodness, no, it wasn't me!)

There was a couple in front of us that dropped something on the ground and could not find it for anything. The guy was as Rakia described him, "the smallest full grown man I have ever seen." After my experience of dropping my contact a couple of weeks ago, I should have suggested they look on the bottom of their shoes. I thought about asking them what they lost.

I never paid attention to the guitar player for Train until last night, and every time he came up on the screen, Rakia and commented about him looking like Howie Mandel. Also, Maroon 5 last night was 6 and Rakia had me convince for a second that the keyboard player was Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance. I'm still not convinced it was not, actually. Just kidding.

I have to say that singing "She Will Be Loved" as we left wasn't as bad as singing "Larger than Life" by the Backstreet Boys for 2 days after I left my last concert.

As the concert wound down, the Rangers clinched their playoff spot. I actually was able to buy tickets for the American League Championship series Home Game 1. I hate to tell all you Ranger fans that read my blog, but that right their jinxed them from getting past the first round. Back 15 years ago, the first two seasons they made the playoffs, I had tickets in hand for games that never happened. I hope the third time to have playoff tickets is the charm. I'll just have to watch from Branson to make sure they make it. I hope to be going to the playoffs the day after I get back from vacation. (Which I will need after next week. I won't even tell you all the reasons why. Work is going to be CRAZY!)

Speaking of concerts, I need to look out my window. I don't know what is going on, but I hear music and singing. And it's out front, so it can't be Train (that runs on the tracks out back). And Adam's voice may sound like a girl (he admitted on The Voice), but that is a woman out there.