What I am looking forward to

You know what I'm looking forward to next week?

  • Sleeping in (except for Sunday morning when we are leaving at 6 AM - that's just wrong) or being able to take a nap (which won't happen Sunday afternoon at it's regular time while I'm driving -- I hope I can stay awake).
  • Doing a jigsaw puzzle. When is the last one you just sit down and did one?
  • It not being 100 degrees and actually getting some fall weather.
  • Reading books for the fun of it. I already have two picked out to take.
  • Fishing. I don't touch worms or fish, but I'm going to stick a hook in the water because I can.
  • Being about to get out and walk around. I'm tired of being glued to my office chair and when I leave it, it's been 100 degrees outside.
  • Playing mini golf.
  • Sitting around and watching the new TV season without interruptions.
  • Not answering questions non-stop all day long.
  • Not doing weekly reports.
  • Not checking email.
  • A change of scenery.
  • Chicken and Dumplins at Cracker Barell
  • Shopping
  • Going to a Ranger playoff game if they make it to the next round.
Any one of those things is worth looking forward to.