Wishy-washy old me

Now I'm back to going on vacation. Dad told me he wanted to beg me. So, we're going in two cars now which will help me have freedom to actually do my own thing and not be stranded.

That will be good since I do want to and need to actually leave the house and leave this town for a week.

Here's a total side note to anything. As I was working on the lesson I am teaching, I came across a question in the student workbook. This curriculum must be somewhat lacking on updates going back to before the cold war.

The lesson is on Acts 2 and Pentecost. One of the questions is, "were the first Christians communists?" WHAT? WHY? HUH?

A) Where did that come from?

B) What does it have to do with the rest of the lesson?

C) How would these 5th graders know anything about Communism or living in a commune which more the direction of where the teacher's book had it going than the government of China.

Another total side note to anything that has anything to do with anything... It didn't thunderstorm last night. I had a 4 Advil day and a headache that was terrible. I usually only get those at work when the weather is about to do something different. The moral of this story is that my headaches do not predict the weather. I guess it was just a migraine.