I don't like odd numbers

No, this is not another blog on my OCD tendencies. (Speaking of people with issues, I am watching Extreme Couponing - neat freak hoarders. Speaking of hoarding oddities, when I turned the TV on the other day, a show was on and featured a transgender person preparing for the Apocalypse and was hoarding hormones in case she was not able to get them later, but I digress.)

This woman just bought 134 boxes of Cous Cous and has never eaten it before. Still not my point. Maybe ADHD is my problem.

My odd number problem is about being the odd person out in social situations. even after all these years I find myself sometimes uncomfortable being the odd person on vacations with my parents. It is sort of hard to explain. Easier to understand is me not wanting to be the fifth person on the upcoming trip to Branson.

When agreed to go, it was with the understanding that I would not be going to all the shows and I could stay out at the condo. We had done it before, and knew we could work within those guidelines. It was later when my dad invited another couple along. I am so glad they have found people to socialize that. It gets some pressure off of me to entertain them.

In this case it also makes it awkward for me. Five people in the truck is not comfortable. Me refusing to do things makes me seem childish when other people are around and Dad starts laying it on thick. Being out with 4 people with AARP discounts makes me look like there is something wrong with me. And its just not comfortable for me.

Mom and I talked some about this. It made her a nervous wreck thinking about Dad's reaction. She's actually the one that broke it to him when I was not around. I didn't know how to even bring it up tonight, but he broke the awkward silence.

I tried to enforce that they would have a good time doing what they wanted to do and he could be the tour guide he loves to be. He's pretty quiet on the issue.

Right now, I am getting stir crazy and need to get away from my four walls of office or home, especially after my last week "off", so it's sort of a lose-lose for me. I am repeating to myself that it does not matter and telling mom it does not matter what I end up doing that week when she keeps asking what will do if I don't go.

It's almost as bad as both of them telling me "too bad you can't find someone to go with you." It was driving me crazy and telling Dad that no one under... wanted to go went over so badly that I expected his reaction to me backing out would not go well.

I am just hoping that a certain person skips reading this. I can just hear what they would say, and I really can not handle a sermon. I have already had to tell someone this week I could do without a sermon every time I said something.

Maybe I can come up with something creative for my time off. We'll see.