Dig out some more plates

About 48 hours ago, I thought it was just going to be me and my parents for Thanksgiving. Yesterday, when I got over to my parents' house to cook, I dug out three plates from the hutch and glasses we had not used in who knows when. My mom has several set of dishes that never get used.

When Dad talked to Brian last night, he confirmed that he and Julie were coming. We really weren't sure since Mom had mentioned to both of them without getting a commitment in return. So, I dug out two more plates.

This morning, while I was cooking and Mom and Dad were still looking over the paper or making fruit salad, my phone rings. Peyton asked where I was so that her mom could drop her and Paige off since they were coming back to their Dad's. So, I eagerly got to get out two more plates and put the leaf in the dining room table. I told the girls this story, and they got quite the kick out of it. I guess they are easily entertained like me.

What I thought was going to be a table for 3 was an energetic table for 7. That's reason enough to be thankful!

I need to get the picture of Peyton from my phone onto my computer so that I can post her silver Mickey Mouse ears that matched her sequined shirt today. (I found boots to match in the Target sales ad tonight.) They had a good time at Disney World for a day and a half this week, but did not get to see near all of it. Their Mom said I'd have to take them back (when can we go???). They rode Space Mountain like I told them too, and both said they almost barfed. I think they enjoyed it though - at least they said their mom did. They did do some of the other things I told them they must do at Magic Kingdom.

I think we'll get to go see The Muppets this weekend. At least, they informed their dad they were.

So, did anyone else have any Thanksgiving surprises?