I finally have some plans

So, picking up where I left on Saturday, when I headed out with Jenny... 

Actually, I'm typing part of this for a second time because My draft was not saving and I hit a command by accident that went back and I had nothing that I had been typing on. And now, I am even switching to my Blackberry because my computer really hates me now.

Everyone knows I don't get out nearly enough, so Jenny lined up meeting Courtney and Rakia at El Fenix in Mesquite for my birthday. El Fenix is kind of my birthday thing and has been for a while with different people. The four of us are an interesting mix. Sort of explained best when Rakia asked where the rest of us met each other.

I've know Jenny since I was in 5th grade and my family started going to the same church hers did. I met Courtney the first day of college in 8 AM American History class. Jenny and Courtney met the next year in band. Rakia and I worked together for a while. Jenny had moved away for a while during the time Rakia and I worked together, so they had not met until last summer.

This year, we all got together when I had four free Ranger tickets in July and called up everyone to see if they were available. That's when we decided to all go to Train/Maroon 5 in September.

As we ate our chips and salsa, everyone bonded over bad stories of online dating and how we are all pretty sure we're all destined to singleness. My dear, single, 33-35 year old friends.

When Jenny and Rakia each turned me down on my invitations to go to Branson, Rakia told me to forget Branson and go somewhere with her New Years. We had not decided what that would be though.

While we were sitting around at El Fenix, Jenny saw someone post on Facebook about Blake Shelton at the Winstar on December 30. I asked Rakia what she ended up deciding about NYE with another friend of hers, and we decided we could go to San Antonio, or hey, go to Winstar and spend a couple of days.

For those of you outside of this area, I guess I better explain that Winstar is a big casino in Oklahoma right over the Texas border. We decided to go ahead with that until Courtney started looking around and found that Maroon 5 is there the next night. So, the four of us are heading to Oklahoma on Friday, December 30 to spend a couple of days going to both concerts and living it up... whatever that means.

We're having to stay deeper into Oklahoma (for shame!) because everything nearby is already booked for that weekend. Who knew so many people wanted to go to Oklahoma for New Year's? It wouldn't have been my first choice, that's for sure. However, it's going to be a blast!

When I told my dad that I had made NYE plans, he was actually quite excited, especially since he is not going. Usually, he gets jealous if he doesn't get to do what I do as silly as it sounds. That was a near miracle.

I was telling my brother about this today, and I would not be surprised if he and my sister-in-law don't end up there for Blake Shelton themselves.

Last Saturday night, I also decided to have a Christmas party. In addition to our foursome, I've invited Rachel from church that I team teach with on Sundays and who went to Opening Day with me. Between the 5 of us, we'll still probably be getting together in 40 years talking about the desperate old men in the nursing home.

So, all this to say, I actually have some plans. I'm so excited! (It doesn't take much.)