Yes, I do in fact feel older

Here's how the conversation usually goes down:

"Oh, hey, it's your birthday. Do you feel any older?"

"Uh, no, not really."

If someone were to ask me the same question yesterday, I would have had to say, "yes, in fact, I really do."

I feel every bit of 35 plus some lately. And can probably put my finger on every reason why.

Before I ramble off and forget, thank you to everyone who posted "Happy Birthday" on my Facebook wall. Everybody needs a day to feel special. I especially appreciated the ones that wished Kelly a Happy Birthday. It made me feel like people do pay attention to me because you were reading my Facebook status messages the day before when I decided that shall be my new name.

If you were wondering what I did on my birthday, here's the run down. I had to have reports in for work since I took my birthday off, so I feverishly worked Thursday (getting to work about 6:30) and Thursday night, and Friday morning to get them done. I hit a wall about 2:15 AM on my birthday and decided I must go to bed. I didn't get to sleep until around 3, set my alarm for 10 AM so I could get up and finish my reports by the noon deadline.

I woke up around 8:30 needing to go to the bathroom like the old woman I have become and knew I wouldn't get back to sleep. I trudged to my home office down the hall and worked for 2-3 hours. I hurriedly straightened my hair in time to pick up Paige from school at 12:20 because she wanted me to pick her up instead of going to the football game with her family.

We came on back into town, and decided to drag my parents to play mini golf. When we got out there around 2, we were told the course didn't open until 4. We proceeded to Gander Mountain to look for my brother a Christmas present, to Office Depot where my mom had a $15 credit and Paige found her a Christmas present, then went to Collin Street Bakery where I did get the world's smallest piece of cheesecake for $1.

By then, it still wasn't 4:00, but the skies were dark with clouds and the wind was blowing like crazy. I just knew if we went back over there, we would be rained on. We ended back at my parents' house where Paige wanted to play Canasta. She's been wanting to play for months, but every time we get out the cards, Brian drives up to pick her up.

So, Paige, Dad and I played a marathon game of Canasta. By this point, my approximate 5 hours of sleep after getting up at 5 AM the day before was kicking my rear. In middle of the first to 5000 point game, we did order pizza so that I could get my birthday chocolate bread sticks from Pizza Hut.

Because Paige is weird, we ordered one of the strangest pizzas ever in addition to the super supreme so that she would have something she would eat. Her half of the pizza was no cheese with pepperoni and bacon pieces. I made the other half onions, bell peppers and mushrooms (it was supposed to have tomatoes). I can only imagine what the Pizza Hut people were thinking in making that. At least Paige loved it and called it the best pizza ever.

After we finally finished playing Canasta, Paige and I wandered back over here to the house and crashed on the love seat about 10 minutes into an episode of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera because for some reason we watch stuff like that and Say Yes to the Dress together. Talking about her wedding of course. At least we were talking about it last Sunday.

She said she was going to get married by 25 because after that, it was just too late. I told her if she dared tried to have that conversation in front of me and Jenny, I would wring her scrawny little neck.

Of course, this does bring to mind a statement I made to some friends around the time I was 25. I said I would have a big wedding up until age 30. A small one between 30-35, and after that, I just wasn't going to get married. I figured at the time, even then, that event was not likely to be.

The funniest thing I heard this week wasn't meant to be funny at all. Someone emailed me an early happy birthday saying, "I believe you are single, I know you must have a fellow to celebrate with." I almost laughed so hard I fell out of my chair. I told him I sure did not. That I was spending my day with my 10 year old niece.

So, I have to wrap this up. Jenny is here to take me out with a couple of my other 33-35 single female friends. We are the "who needs men, thank goodness we don't children" women. Gotta go --