How would you explain it?

Last weekend, my parents and I were trying to explain the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Paige. Not being a fan of them myself, there was some difficulty in explaining to Paige about turtles who were teenagers, mutants, and ninjas named after some of the most famous artists in history lived in a sewer and were super heroes.

At least that explanation may have made a little sense when Selena Gomez asked Kermit the Frog if he was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in The Muppets when we went to the movies today.

Of course, I kind of had to explain the whole Muppet thing too. Paige and Peyton didn't watch much Sesame Street when they were young, or at least didn't remember, so throw that in the mix too.

I had to explain how the Muppets really did have a TV show that came on regularly when I was young, and they also had movies too. I didn't try to explain the Muppet Babies cartoon I watched every Saturday morning as a child. At least I understood the Muppets reuniting as did the 70 year old couple in front of us.

I did enjoy it - I'm fickle about movies, and it was on my "wanna see" list. I think one of the best parts was Camilla and the chickens singing "Forget You." And why the girls couldn't just take "Mahna Mahnam" at face value, I'm not sure. I do know we sang that the whole way back to their house.

In true going to the movies with Paige and Peyton, I did have to name as many characters as possible all the way through.

What things from your generation have you had a hard time explaining to kids?

Here's the film trailer and some other videos to share.



Why was Skeeter only in Muppet Babies? I don't remember her anywhere else.