Out with the old, in with the... same?

So... now it's 2015. There's nothing like a new year to remind you that you are a creature of habit. And that you're getting old.

I think I proved the getting old - or at least acting like it - by going out to the church last night to play games with the senior citizens. Oh, yes I did. I played 84 with two of the elders, their wives, and the preacher's mother. Thankfully, the elders were my partners.

The fact that I hadn't played 84 in 15 years says something about my age too. At least that was while I was in college. One of my high school coaches posted yesterday about her 23rd anniversary to another coach. I remember coming back from Christmas break, and the two had gotten married. Wow, I'm getting old, but I digress.

Every year, I have the unofficial list of things I want to improve. They aren't official resolutions though.

This year I want to finish the Bible reading plan I started two years ago. Although I read every day, it's turning into a three year plan instead of a one year.

I'm going to start eating better... until I went to the grocery store earlier and found some salted caramels.

I want to start walking daily, but it's 30 something degrees and raining outside. If I go out today I'll end up in the hospital with pneumonia like my grandmother.

Going to bed before midnight! That means no staying up late finishing crochet projects.

Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts.