We are never having manna night again

So, I found some old Crayola Model magic in a storage room at church (actually I put it there a couple of years ago), so decided I could make manna with it.

However, it's been crazy town for more reasons than one around here, so I didn't get it all made. When the kids came in, I gave them all a package and told them to tear it apart and toss it on the floor in middle of the room, but I wouldn't tell them why.

There is a reason why my school teaching career only lasted a semester. I cannot control a crowd.

They liked the gathering part until I made them clean up every last piece. I hope the whole building didn't hear the screams when I turned off the lights as a part of the story. We were all right there and knew it was happening.

In other news, after an elaborate Red Sea, I really did a blah job on Mt. Sinai. I thought about doing it up grand with tables on end to be 3D, but really only had tonight before class to get it ready for the next teacher in rotation for Sunday. And no help. It isn't worth sharing pictures of. It's a piece of paper on the wall.