An old lady Friday night

Not surprisingly on a cold and rainy Friday night, this is what I did last night.

I really need to be making more! It's COLD outside. I could be selling right and left. Actually, I sort of still am. I have orders!

Someone asked on Facebook if I knew how many hats I had made. Since I started making again back in the fall, I've made 30 hats, 21 headbands, and 2 scarves.

I finally decided to claim this one from my box of "have not sold yet" to wear myself. (There's about 8 pot holders and not much else in there.) True, it was cold outside, but I also was having a bad hair day. Actually, I was having a greasy hair day because it is so cold the hot water won't stay hot enough in the shower to wash my hair. And/or I was lazy.