I'm happy with the men's choice of Bachelorettes... I think

In case you haven't been reading the social media gossip today, The Bachelorette fans are convinced that Ryan M was an actor/plant designated to get kicked off so that there would be 24 men remaining. After he got sent back to the junkyard, with an even number of men, the vote could be a tie and mean that both women stayed.

The fact that Ryan was an ex-boyfriend of Juan Pablo's Nikki only helped fan that flame. Could be. I don't really have an opinion on that. I just hope the men voted for Kaitlyn.

So, tonight's episode begins with the guys still chattering on while Chris Harrison counts roses. "I hope it's Britt," "who are you hoping it will be?" "I'm Kaitlyn all the way." Enough talk! More action!

How quickly will the men change their minds when the other woman gets the most votes? I doubt anyone quits.

After the count, much to the show's credit, Chris Harrison goes out to Britt to tell her that the majority of the men made a choice (though it was close), and it was not her. At least there is not a live audience for this. Britt holds it together as Chris walks her out to the limo.

Then, as she rides away, she requires Tanner's tissues. Now she wishes she hadn't met the men tonight.

Chris then goes to Kaitlyn (I just noticed both women are wearing enormous middle finger rings - sorry, distracted) and has her going until he says, "unfortunately, I had to send Britt home."

Kaitlyn is left for a few minutes to gather her thoughts because she has to prepare for a rose ceremony. Send all those Britt guys home! She is convinced her husband is there though.

Back in the house, the guys are sweating it, hoping they don't go home if they made the wrong admission to the wrong girl. Chris Harrison comes in to introduce the men to the Bachelorette. Some men are clearly more excited than others. Joshua and Shawn B are very enthusiastic.

A few men are pasting on smiles, and now try to get face time with Kaitlyn since they didn't show her much attention while Britt was around.

Joshua gets his chance to give Kaitlyn his welded rose. Good impression made!

When she goes back inside, Chris Harrison brings in the first impression rose.

Tony, the healer that belongs with crazy Ashley the onion girl from last season, is torn. He came for Kaitlyn, but then decided he liked Britt, then doesn't know what he wants.

Kaitlyn sits down with Jared who is having a moment alone. He confesses he voted for Britt, but does want to stay. He and Brady both seem pretty bummed.

Trying to figure out who stands where, she takes JJ (dad to a 3-yr old daughter) off to talk. He asks how she feels about him being a dad. Kaitlyn says it makes her take him more seriously.

Some guys are better actors than others. Some guys make the big move by kissing her. Chris, the dentist, is the first. A group of guys witness the kiss and realize it is GAME ON!

However, the first impression rose goes to Shawn the trainer (not the awkward amateur intimacy coach). With the rose comes a kiss. And not just a little peck on the cheek.

I almost hyperventilated here. During the commercial there was a severe weather alert due to a tornado 100 miles away, and I thought I was going to miss the rest of the show. I know that sounds terrible. A tornado is much more serious and important than this. 

And so the rose ceremony begins...

Shawn B got the first impression rose
Ben H
JJ (he can breathe normally again as he thinks about being one step closer to a step-mother for his daughter)
Kupah (this rubs some men the wrong way since he was very vocal about voting for Britt)
Daniel (disappointing due to his vote to others)
Then, there is an interruption due to weather alerts, so I had to come back and fill in a hole once the episode posted on Hulu.

Ryan B (he reminds me of Cooper from Private Practice)
Tony (I guess he's willing to give her a shot)

Brady interrupts the ceremony and tells Kaitlyn that he wants to leave because his heart is with the woman who left. Brady wants to leave to go find Britt. Chris Harrison takes him off to see her. While this is all happening, the rest of the men think it's because he's trying to make his move. 

This only rattles Kaitlyn and makes her wonder where some of the other loyalties lie. 

Clint (he is the most unattractive guy there, in my opinion)
Jonathan (another vocal Britt man - there's something about him I don't like)
Corey S.
Ben Z.
Ian (he was going to be really embarrassed if he didn't get one)
Justin (was really sweating it, but got one)
Jared (went out on a limb with his confession of voting and it paid off)

Going home...

David, Josh the stripper, Bradley, and Shawn E (car pool - he has been striking an awkward pose all night).

Previews of the season... 

Kaitlyn admits to kissing most everyone.

Nick from Andi's season shows up and starts making his moves. He's so weird. Of course, the men are not happy.

Kaitlyn moves "too far, too fast" with one of her relationships, and she admits sleeping with one of the guys to everyone else.

Lots of men cry and get angry.


Is it shallow of me that I was annoyed by the appearance that multiple men were crying?
Audra Jennings said…
No, I don't think it's shallow.

I think it's annoying that the men take it this seriously knowing what this actually is.