Back to busy weekends

We had our first spring event of the year today. The first of three weekends in a row, at Mansfield Timberview High School.

The first of the season seems to always be a bust (remember last fall which had some great events, but started with duds). We love the high schools in this area. They are usually good for us. This one wasn't well advertised, and while there were hundreds of cars parked in the front for a math competition, there was no signage pointing anyone to the back. The woman in charge said there were signs, but none of the vendors saw them. There were also issues on the booth sizes. Let's just say the geometry teacher should have explained booth sizes to the coordinator because booths around a circle are not square. The application said one size and when we arrived, we were told they were a different size.

The only "shoppers" were the parents of kids who sang and danced in the area where the vendors were set up. They walked in the building, watched their kids, and went straight back out.

We hope all spring events aren't so poorly attended. All the vendors were very disappointed. If so, we'll be in trouble. We have three more schools in the next 5 weeks.

One browser we had was a sci-fi author who suggested we take our book letters to a Comic-Con to sell. I may have said, "NO!" a little too loud and quickly with a shake of my head when he said it.

First of all, I've been to Comic Con in San Diego once upon a time (for work, not for my own personal enjoyment). The legit one all others are modeled after. This kind of thing is not sold there. I don't think the guys dressed up as Storm Troopers are going to go for books cut into letters to use as decoration in their house.

Even if a Poison Ivy or two were interested, the booth fees would be so very expensive. We'd be priced way out. No telling how many books it would take to break even.