I may have new blogging material

Remember back four years ago when I lived in a row of duplex and had neighbor stories?

It was four years ago this week that I moved into this house and away from all of the angst of what was seriously a bunch of stupid neighbors who were really inconsiderate. I've had less material to blog about, but I don't miss them at all.

In the years since I have been here in this house, I've really not had any stories. I live in the second house on a block, and the street around the corner goes straight for a while. That means there's a row of backyards behind my house. Then one of the city parks runs straight behind them and the house on the other side of me. I'm not sure if that made any sense or not. The kids in the house behind me get loud, but at least they don't bang on the wall on the other side of mine. I am always having to throw their soccer balls back over the fence.

Actually, there were some people in the house a couple back that were screaming and threatening each other one time. I did call the cops on them because I was honestly concerned there was going to be a stabbing or shooting. It was that house or one more back that had a chained up dog that would bark all day. I called animal control because it was bad. However, it's been a long time since all of that went down.

Overall, we have a pretty quiet neighborhood. My next door neighbor moved around Christmas, and another family is just now moving in. Last night I heard cars over there after 10:30. They were coming in and out late. I heard them again tonight after silence most of the day. There was a U-Haul over there for a little bit during the day, but not long. When the truck was over there, I went out to check my mail and take out some trash in order to be nosy and see if I could meet anyone.

You may laugh, but I've done that many a time. I remember doing that when I first moved into my apartment in college and learned that my new neighbor was a guy I knew from my freshman year of college before we both transferred. When his brother visited one time and they were out throwing a football around, I grabbed my keys and drove my car around the block to come up with an excuse to go outside. That's a whole other story.

Anyway, all this said, I may have some new neighbor stories to tell soon. Let's hope they don't have a whining or barking dog like over at the other place. I like the neighbor's dog on the other side of me, but that neighbor has been dog sitting her cousin's poodles and those are the loudest dogs. They were barking at a squirrel two yards away across my yard earlier.

The good news is they can't block my mailbox, and shouldn't be blocking my driveway. I'll keep you posted if there's anything interesting.