The Bachelor: Matt: Week 5: Weeding out the Mean Girls

So help me, I couldn't start this show on time to save my life. 

I even cooked last night to be prepared to have leftovers and not have to cook ahead of time. All day, I planned to stop work in plenty of time. Then, one of my computers has taken to randomly and sporadically freezing up. Then, I pulled out the keyboard tray on my computer and the whole thing came out. To fix it, I had to get 24 ball bearings put back in place right, then one side fell out, and I had to do 12 of them all again.

Then, I had to catch someone on something work related later than I anticipated. I had to check something else non-work related, and here I am, after heating up my leftovers, fifteen minutes late.

I'm so annoyed. 

Now, on with the show. 

We ended last week's episode with Katie, during the after part of the group date, warning Matt about the mean girl issues. 

The next morning, two of the new girls (Brittany and Ryan) are on a walk and pass by Victoria and someone who are talking about the new girls vs. the OGs. Victoria, of course, doesn't like the new ones and thinks they shouldn't be there.

The day then leaps to the cocktail party pre-rose ceremony. When Matt arrives, he addresses what he heard about the toxic culture of bullying going on, and the rumors going around about someone that could ruin someone's life. He says, if you have to make someone feel small to make you feel good, he doesn't want you. He then asks to speak to Brittany. 

As they walk away, everyone wants to know who said something to Matt. Anna knows it's about what she said about Brittany, but she doesn't realize it was Katie who told him. 

Matt asks Brittany how she's doing. She says it's been rough, but that Anna had apologized to her for telling everyone that she was an escort. 

I just took time to answer a work email, and I'm kicking myself.

Matt wants Brittany to know that he takes it very seriously that this was a lie going around. He wants to address it and move pass it. 

Anna and MJ are talking. MJ denies there is a toxic environment, and tells Anna she needs to talk to Matt. Matt comes to get her. 

The women think it's going to be a long night. I'm afraid it might well be for all of us. Anna tries to tell the cameras that it was an off-handed comment. It was way more than that. Before Matt speaks, Anna starts defending herself. Anna says before she arrived, she started getting messages about another woman who was going to be here. She says she apologized for it and feels horrible. She claims she is breaking out in a rash because she is so sad.

Matt says she's not a horrible person, and he has been in her shoes and had to take responsibility for what she said. Anna cries, but has her teeth showing which is just weird. Matt says he can't see Anna being a part of his journey anymore. He's going to walk her out. He's going to create a safe space. 

As he walks her out, he takes her right by the rest of the women. They watch from the windows as he puts her in a car. 

Way to take care of business, Matt!

Chelsea asks the new women if they think the environment is toxic, because she doesn't think it's like that. Catalina and Michelle say it's been rough. Some women apologize, but Ryan finds it is hard to figure out who is sincere. 

Victoria says she's sorry for taking Catalina's crown a few days ago because she was joking. There's a lot of kissing up. 

Matt asks Ryan her take on what's going on. She brings up Victoria and her constant digs. Victoria called Ryan a hoe to her face because Ryan is a dancer. She said Victoria apologized in the hall, but only because Matt said something. 

Seriously, this is so junior high. Not that the women are hurt, but that the other women are so immature to say these things. 

Victoria asks Ryan what she said to Matt. She tells too much. Victoria says she is playful, not malicious.

Victoria calls Ryan fake, then goes off while Ryan is still talking. Victoria thought all was right in the world with her and Matt until these people started saying things about her.

Just took a few minutes to put some dishes in the dishwasher, so this is going to take all night.

Victoria decides it's time to talk to Matt. She says her good is enough to outshine any **** in the house. Victoria mentions what Ryan said, and she says she can find things to work on. Matt lets it slide that Katie was the one who came to him. Now, Katie is going to get it. 

Matt says Ryan was crying before he could even say anything. It was like what Brittany had happen about Anna. Victoria said the whole thing about being a hoe was taken out of context. Matt wants to know what context that comment could be made in. He walks off saying he has things to think about.

Victoria is in denial about making the house toxic. She doesn't think Katie is here for Matt. Victoria goes to cry in the bathroom. 

Chris calls an end to the cocktail party. Matt wants to go straight to the rose ceremony. 

When Victoria comes out of the bathroom, she goes outside with the crew where the rest of the women can hear. She tells the crew she's the best option for Matt, but she's about ready to leave. She's not even being rude, she's serious, especially if Matt believes an idiot over her. The women inside hear it all. 

There are 12 roses to be handed out. Bri has a rose from the first group date. Michelle has a rose from the one-on-one. I'm not sure if anyone got a rose on the second group date because Katie caught Matt with the bullying 4-1-1 and the episode ended pre-rose. (Turns out, Pieper got the group date rose.)

The women assemble in their spots for the ceremony, but Queen V is still in middle of her meltdown we hear her voice overs the whole time Matt gives out roses sharing her virtues. 

Matt walks right in, doesn't give a speech or anything, but grabs the first rose.

  1. Brittany
  2. Ryan (making it clear he's keeping the new women)
  3. Rachael
  4. Serena P.
  5. Magi
  6. Kit
  7. MJ 
  8. Jessenia
  9. Katie (much to Queen V's angst)
  10. Abigail
  11. Chelsea
  12. Serena C.
That leaves a gaggle going home.

Victoria, Catalina, Lauren, and Mari (anyone remember her?). One by one, the women come up to graciously say their farewells to Matt. Victoria approaches with her arms crossed saying, "I feel so sorry for you for believing hearsay." She stared at him, and he stared back. "How dare he?" she asks. Victoria thinks the women will miss her because she brought them joy. 

By the way, as she exits, you can see her bra riding up in the back above her dress. Seriously, this is at least the third time it's happened. You'd think a stylist on the crew would spot that for her. 

Either she is all scripted or very delusional. Or both.

Chris Harrison comes in the next morning acknowledging how rough last night. Serena C. wants to know why Matt wasted his time on the drama last night. He says with less women, it makes their time all the more important. He drops off the date card.

"Rachael - Our fairytale begins today. - Matt"

She gets ready, and there's a knock at the door. The driver of her luxury car has come to pick her up. Matt is going to spoil her today. She caught Matt's eye the first night, and has impressed him each week with her confidence, even if she isn't the first one to run to him. 

Ty Hunter, celebrity stylist, is there to dress Rachael on her shopping spree.


She gets to model all these clothes for Matt. After finding a favorite dress, Matt says she needs shoes and gives her some Louboutin's. He even slides them on her feet. She comes home with loads of packages and her fancy dress. Everyone is jealous. The driver brings in a big box with her dress for tonight. 

Rachael says she is so out of her element. Then, she says she has to go get ready for dinner. 

Meanwhile, Pieper is having a meltdown. Katie is green with envy. 

Another date card arrives. The tension is thick.

"Serena P., Bri, Katie, Pieper, Serena C., Ryan, Michelle, Brittany, Magi, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia, MJ - Love can be messy."

This will leave Kit for the other one-on-one. 

Again, the car arrives for Rachael. She and Matt are both dressed in royal blue. I just noticed that he drinks water while she has wine. He wants to hear more about why Rachael has never been in love before. She said it has to do with her and feeling undeserving. She thinks Matt is out of her league and doesn't have confidence in herself. She gets scared and has self-doubt. She doesn't want to push anyone away. He compliments her saying that when she's in the room, he notices. He likes her being subtle. She says the butterflies haven't stopped since night one. 

Michelle, Ryan, and MJ are talking. Michelle has had a one-on-one, but she still worries about getting the quality time. 

The date, back to the date. They have said they are falling in love with one another, and Matt gives her the rose. He then takes her on a horse-drawn carriage ride. 

When the women arrive for the group date, they find a guy shoveling manure. 

He may live in NYC now, but he grew up in NC on a farm. They are going to work on a farm today. They clean out stalls. Serena C. points out it's quite the opposite of Rachael's date. 

Next up? Milking a goat followed by gathering eggs in the chicken cage. MJ is terrified of the chickens, but it gets Matt's attention, especially after he tosses her an egg and it breaks in her hands. She tries to chase Matt, but Matt ends up caught by Pieper and they kiss for all the world to see. 

Michelle has fallen so hard so fast and melts down with Katie. 

The women get to clean up and dress up for the evening portion of the date. After the toast, matt pulls Chelsea off first. It's not long before they're out there sucking face.

Abigail shares with the group that even though she got the first impression rose, she feels like so many people have gotten further along than her. When they talk, she says her grandparents had a farm, but she never went to it. (And your point...?) She tells him she felt a connection to him, but her biggest fear is disappointing him. She then talks about if she had a family, there would be a strong possibility her kids would be deaf. Her dad walked out on her mom and sister when her sister got a Cochlear implant. She doesn't want anyone leaving her. Matt relates to having a single mom who raised he and his brother. After they talk, she says she feels a lot better. Matt appreciated her being vulnerable.

Serena C. asks Michelle had her first group date went. She claims emotionally hard. She goes to talk to Matt next. She tells him the activity was great, but emotionally it would take some practice. He reassures her and it gets steamy quick.

Matt needs to set some things straight with MJ. He says he hopes things are smooth at the house like it was on the date. She says it really is and hopes he believes it. Matt reveals that Brittany brought up her name. At the exact wrong time, Brittany comes to interrupt. 

MJ is hot and bothered that her name got brought up. MJ brings it up to the group. She says her character was put into question and was accused of being an antagonist. She wants to know if anyone has issues with her because she leads by example. Jessenia speaks up saying that Matt asked her about the culture of the house and she brought up the talk of Varsity vs. JV and she did mention MJ's name. Michelle asks what that meant. MJ (like Queen V) says it was a joke. MJ keeps going on and on about leading by example, and Jessenia says that comment bugs her because of what was says. MJ wants an apology because she doesn't like the word antagonist. Katie gets in on the discussion. MJ feels attacked. 

Rachael and Kit talk about the upcoming one-on-one when the date card arrives.

"Kit - Dinner at my place? - Matt"

Will there be a twist? Kit thinks maybe it's cooking at his place. Her happy place is cooking with her mom, and she's told Matt that. She wonders if he made that their date. 

Back to the date, It's coming time for the rose. Chelsea thinks might get it.

He gives it to Abigail for being vulnerable. 

The next evening, Matt lights some candles and dusts the house before Kit arrives. He makes sure he's dressed right since Kit is a fashionista. 

Matt shows her the kitchen and says that it may seem weird, but he usually orders dessert at a restaurant first. They make cookies first. 

For her, it's not easy to fall in love. She's 22. I just have to roll my eyes. I was 22 when she was born. (Which is like my grandmother doing a 44/44 thing with me.)

I grow bored with their conversation, but he gives her the rose. 

The next day, all the women are sitting around together. There's a knock at the door. All the dates have happened, so what's up? 

The card reads, "MJ and Jessenia - I need to know the truth. Meet me at the cocktail party before the other women arrive."

MJ knows she has the facts and the truth always comes out. 

Jessenia doesn't know what MJ is going to do. Both women get in the car and don't speak as they head off to see Matt. MJ says, "Big hoops, big hair, big energy... You want to see me fight, get your popcorn." 

MJ eats Jessenia out saying she preaches harmony and peace. She tells Jessenia she ought to be embarrassed. Jessenia says MJ was the one who started the JV vs. Varsity, then lied to him. Jessenia says, "I see three sides of you. Who you are at the house, who you are with Matt, and who you are with the cameras on." 

Bless poor Jessenia's heart. MJ's hair is bigger than Jessenia is. Their bickering ends for a few seconds, then they go at it again, they are going after it when Matt walks in the door, but tone it down when before he arrives in the room.