The Bachelor: Week 6: Matt: Another One Bites the Dust

Let's just right in, shall we? 

All of the women are waiting for what they call the two-on-one between MJ and Jessinia. MJ is the last member of the Mean Girl Tribe as one of the women puts it, and it's time to go. The rest of the women want their time at the cocktail party and hope this whatever it is ends quickly.

Matt arrives and tells them this is not the way he planned this evening. They need to get to the bottom of what is going on. He asks to talk to Jessenia first. She doesn't THINK she has anything to worry about. She tells Matt that MJ lied to his face the other night. She was in cahoots (my word) with Victoria. MJ says she loves to preach by example, but she's the one that started the division. 

I'm not sure if this is the route she should have gone. It usually backfires on both sides. 

Meanwhile, MJ is in the other room having an emotional breakdown.

I'm going to say it's fake though. 

Also, MJ's dress looks like a 90 year old man's suit coat that's really short. Maybe she just looks like she came in from the 90s. Big hair, fashion, earrings...


She switches on her "poor me voice" for Matt. She goes on about how her biggest fear is missing Matt. 

I can't tell if he fell for it. She tells the cameras she was vulnerable and spoke the truth. She also says she will continue to be a bad *itch. 

She goes back to pick a fight with Jessenia again.


I hope Matt could hear this. 

Matt is conflicted. Both had valid points. He THINKS MJ is a good woman, but Jessenia has never given him reason not to trust her. He doesn't think he can go forward with both of them. 

When he comes back in the room, he picked up the rose. He tells MJ he has enjoyed their moments together and their connection is undeniable. He acknowledges that Jessenia is looking for someone to be her rock. 

He tells MJ that he cannot give her the rose and asks to walk her out. I don't know that Jessenia needs to celebrate quite yet though. 

As she rides away, MJ goes on about how Jessenia sabotaged her and was petty. She thinks the rest of the women will be shocked.

Then women come in expecting to see one or the other, but see neither. Finally, Jessenia arrives with a rose.

They all ask what happened. 

The women are ready for Matt, but Chris Harrison walks in instead. Of course, that means Matt wants to know what he wants to do, and they will go right to the rose ceremony.

Serena C. gets mad and blames Katie for bringing up the drama. She thinks it's her fault for bringing up the drama. 

Time for roses!

Rachael, Kit, Abigail, and Jessenia are safe.

Matt comes in and apologizes for cancelling the cocktail party, but the night has been emotionally draining. If they don't get a rose tonight, just know that he is following his heart.

  1. Serena P. 
  2. Michelle
  3. Pieper
  4. Bri
  5. Chelsea
  6. Katie
  7. Serena C. (Snap! I was ready for her to go next.)
Going home are Ryan (who has been snotty crying about not wanting to go home in the voiceovers the whole time), Magi, and Brittany. 

It's a new day at the resort. There are 11 women left -- 5 have had a one-on-one and 6 have not. 

Chris arrives to drop off the first date card. Kit steps up to read it. 

"Pieper - Tonight will be worth the wait." 

Katie says she's just waiting for the moment Matt thinks is right for them. Serena C. cannot stand this. After the women disperse, Serena goes to find Katie, and tells her she doesn't appreciate how Katie has taken time away from her because of her antics. Katie says this is pathetic, and if she has an issue, got to Matt. Katie says she's not fake. Serena calls Katie an arsonist, lighting fires everywhere.

Katie says she never named name. It was the other women having problems that went to Matt with names. All the other women in rooms nearby can hear this. 

Katie doesn't understand why Serena is hung up on her. Serena goes back in the room with most of the other women. She says she just had a conversation with Katie. Everyone said they heard. Katie comes in the room and says there doesn't have to be whispering. After they get into it again, Katie says, "If you don't like what went down last night, tell Matt about it." 

Yeah, Katie did warn Matt of bullying, but Serena is also making up stuff.

Kit isn't sure why Serena is so mad at Katie. Kit's just worried about herself.

Meanwhile, at the gate of the resort, Heather Murphy (from Colton's season) shows up to see Chris Harrison. Because of the quarantine, the guard won't let her drive in. 

Why she is driving a huge family van that looks even bigger than the one next door, I don't know. They have four kids they need to take around. Why Heather rolled up in this van, I don't know.

Chris goes out to the entrance to see what Heather wants. Hannah Brown came to Heather's house after spending some time with Matt in quarantine. Hannah told Heather that Matt was the perfect match for her. (I don't see it, but then again, what do I know?) Heather says she can't let Matt get engaged without meeting him first. 

They are in quarantine, and he can't just let her in right this minute. He has to talk to some people. 

Now, c'mon! He had to have known that was coming. 

So... Pieper. Matt picks her up after dark, and they are headed out to the woods. He gives her a lantern and grabs one of his on. Out into the forest they go. She has to flip a switch on. It's one of those traveling carnivals where all the rides have to be missing a few screws.

The fair was something Matt always looked forward to growing up. First, they compete in one of their favorite games with the water gun. They can cheat at all the games and grab all their own prizes. 

Watching some of the rides almost makes me lose my fancy tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich that was really, really good. 

Back at the hotel... The next date card arrives.

"Bri, Kit, Rachael, Michelle, Jessenia, Serena P., Abigail, Chelsea, Serena C. -- This lane leads to love." 

Katie is going to get the one-on-one. She's happy to just focus on them. Serena C. says her biggest fear is never getting her one-on-one. Of course, Serena hopes Katie goes home on the date. 

So, Chris let Heather into quarantine, and she hopes to meet Matt soon. 

Now, back to Pieper's date. It's the boring, talk over fake food time. Opening up and talking about her feelings is foreign to her, but it's that time. Talking about her feelings has always been thought of as a weakness in her family. Their family culture is not to communicate love, but do it through actions. She says this has made her a tougher person, but she wants to hear the words. She lets her tears flow. (She'll get the vulnerable rose.) Matt says they can work on that together. 

Pieper tells Matt that she is falling in love with him. He does give her the rose. Not wanting the night to end, he has one more surprise for her. It's a private concert with Temecula Road. 

Clips of Heather balancing a pizza box on her head in her quarantine room are stupid.

The next day brings the group date. They go bowling. Matt's just looking for someone who can have a good time. 

These women can't bowl to save their lives. Even I am better than this.

Chris Harrison drops in. He breaks them up into two teams. The winners get more time tonight. The losers get a long walk home in the rain. There are nine people on this date, so there are five on the blue team (Serena C., Abigail, Kit, Bri, and Rachael) and four on the pink (Serena P, Michelle, Jessenia, and Chelsea). The pink team wins.

Three of the five women on the blue team have already had their one-on-one dates and still they whine the loudest.

Katie and Pieper are talking when the five losers from the blue team arrive back "home."

I like Abigail, but I'm a little tired of her whining about not getting time after getting the first impression rose. He's kept you for a reason. He's given you a group date rose. Just be a little more patient.

Chris Harrison arrives with a date card, but it's not for Katie. 

"Abigail, Serena C., Kit, Bri, and Rachael -- I feel terrible about today. Please come to the cocktail party." 

The four women on the date think they only have to share time with each other and have a 25% chance of getting the rose. They are not pleased when it becomes an 11% chance. Matt says the process is too important to not have time with everyone. Matt pulls Jessenia off next. Serena P. gets lip time. 

Chelsea says it's been a tough past couple of weeks because she's waiting to get her time. She gets her make out time too. 

When it's rose time, he says he has enjoyed all of his conversations. He says something to Serena P, then Chelsea and Michelle. He gives the rose to Michelle. 

More clips of Heather's time alone in quarantine. She's annoying and immature. 

Matt heads over to the game room to shoot pool with his friend Tyler (from Hannah's season).

Matt tells Tyler about Katie. Matt has always liked her confidence and being who she is. Tyler sometimes it's the relationships that don't come on strong until later that work out. Matt says he wishes he could talk to Tyler before every date as it put him in the right head space.

Katie meets Matt at the spa for their date. Matt tells Katie that Tyler is there thinking he is getting a massage. Matt and Katie are going to prank Tyler via an actress who is giving Tyler the massage. They are going to tell the actress what to do. 

They torture Tyler, then call up the actress who goes on about how hot Tyler is on the phone, right in front of him. Then Matt comes in with the oil to mess with him. Matt has enjoyed the date so far, saying that he and Katie can laugh and have a good time, but what about the romance side...

They meet up again for the fake dinner portion of the evening. Katie knows that Matt doesn't want to waste time. If he doesn't see anything, it won't go past tonight, she realizes. They talk about past relationships and what didn't work. Katie says that she was missing someone playful. Her longest past relationship was three years. She's been quick to recognize a red flag since. She says there's no changing anyone, people are who they are. 

At the hotel, Bri and Michelle aren't so sure where Katie's relationship is. They speculate on what may happen. 

Katie wants to give Matt some validation since he's always having to give it to them. Matt seems uninterested the whole time. He picks up the rose... He appreciates the tone she has set and what she has brought to this process, but he has to be honest. Some of his other relationships have progressed further, and he can't give her this rose. He just hasn't felt what he needs to feel. 

While I didn't like Katie's entrance with her MJ Jr., Katie had grown on me. Rumor has it, she'll be the next Bachelorette. She didn't see this coming. 

The women watch as someone comes to get Katie's bags. Thankfully, they don't show Serena C. celebrating. 

It's already time for another cocktail party. Actually, the last two have been cancelled prior to the rose ceremony. With only 10 women, they all think they will get more time. 

It's time for the twist. You know what's about to happen...

As Matt pulls Abigail off to talk to her first, Heather drives herself over to the part of the resort where everything is taking place. Again, in her big family van. 

Matt has talked to a few of the women and is off with someone when Heather walks in the door. Heather strolls into the lobby, past where all the other women are, and into the room where Matt and Pieper are talking. 

Matt recognizes Heather. He apologizes to Pieper and says he needs a couple of minutes. 

Pieper rants that she's been waiting all week to tell him how she feels. Uh, she just had a one-on-one a few days ago. 

Matt's laughing at all this. Heather is giddy nervous as she gets ready to spit out her reason for being there. 

Serena P. says if Heather gets a rose she will be "rageful." 

And that is where we leave it until next week.