Do you think it's edible?

Back this spring, I told the tale of the minuscule pineapple plant that arrived in the mail and how I doubted I would ever have pineapple. (Or at least I think I did.) That plant is doing quite well, amazingly, though I don't plan to be able to harvest fruit from it anytime soon, if ever. (Below I included a picture of it the day I got it. I'll have to get a picture of it now.)

After that, I bought a pineapple plant from Home Depot. It has thrived over the past several months, but the pineapple itself hasn't really grown. It's had monstrous foliage from the top, so I figured, OK, it's just ornamental and I've got a cool, funky plant.

I walk by it daily on my back porch, and pay little attention to it. Tonight, when I got home from the grocery store, I notice that the pineapple had fallen over from being top heavy. Seriously. I went ahead and took it off the plant, but I'm not sure if I removed it properly so that another one can grow in its place. I guess I need to Google that in a minute.

Regardless, the pineapple turned from green to somewhat golden, and smells wonderfully ripe. The girls are supposed to hang out with me after church tomorrow, and I plan to cut it to see if it's edible.

What do you think?

My hand is in the picture so that you can see how small the fruit is, but how many fronds spike from it. Obviously, it's too small to use my corer on. between the core and the outside, maybe, we can get a bite out of it.