Traditions and such - what's yours?

After having gone over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house on Christmas, I have some questions and comments.

My mother, her brother and sister were a bit peeved that Grandmother didn't pull out their stockings like she has every year of their life this year. We also got to discussing what is tradition to put in a stocking.

For the last, I don't know, 10 years, maybe... My dad has put a scratch-off ticket in the stockings. Everyone gets one. I NEVER win ANYTHING. This year, my mom made sure she put a Hershey bar (because her dad always did that) and a pair of socks (because my grandmother on the other side of the family always gave us socks).

My aunt always put toothbrushes in my cousins' stockings and still does, actually. Of course, she was walking around with a very mini toothbrush after lunch while talking to people. We all looked at her funny and asked what she was doing.

What was/is always in your stocking?

My 27 year old cousin told me that the two of us had to sit at the kids' table at which I refused and sat elsewhere. On that side of my family, the grandchildren came in two sets of four. I was 16 when the younger set started and 24 when the youngest came along. No offense to them, but they weren't going to talk if I sat there, only seeing them once a year, needless to say, we aren't close. I did get accused of being anti-social. I admitted it. I'm 35 and anti-social.

Do you still have to sit at the kids' table? 
How old are you?

When grandmother wanted to tell stories about Christmases past, we all groaned out a "NOO!!!", but my 19 year old cousin played along and replied "remember the year I fell out of the high chair?" All of the cousins that were at the kids' table laughed because we were there and annually mentioned it for the longest time. 

Any mishaps you have to bring up every year?