One's definition of urgent

I was going to do a post about all things Christmas and post pictures of my trees and stuff, but I'm on my work computer and deleted my photos off of my chip once I saved them to my home computer the other day. My work computer is up because I was tending to "urgent" requests earlier in the day.

Just a commentary on how people can be too connected, I guess people in general are not able to have days off. Because of one interview in particular - well, it would have been up like this regardless - my away message gives my cell number for if something is urgent. The one interview with Fox News coming up tomorrow would fall under urgent, but some of the calls I got would not fall under that category really. Procrastination, perhaps. Urgent, not so much...

Not necessarily related to phone calls, but many of the people I work with were either on the laptop at the airport trying to get back home for the holidays. Others were trying to feel a taping schedule for next week for programs that wouldn't air until mid-January. How much can be taken care of even though every one's schedules are sketchy this week and next?

The sad part of being so technologically savvy is that few people can - or more realistically chose - to have a day off. The only way to do that is if all smart phone reception and all Internet went down. Ironically, I was trying to reach someone about something today and the power was down so they couldn't get calls and emails.

Maybe I'm just waxing reminiscent about how Christmas just isn't want it was when I was younger. I can't remember if I told you, my faithful readers, about the other day when I got a card in the mail from the youth group. One Sunday, the youth minister announced that the older members (over 65) that did not get fruit may have gotten a card instead because they didn't know every one's birth year. A couple of days letter I got a card. I later found out it was sent to the single people who evidently needed encouragement - another rant I could go on altogether. The fact that I can't remember if I told this story proves my age is catching up with me.

Back to my train of thought again... Why can't we all for a few days, just disconnect, not work and enjoy the holiday season. Or heck, I could have just enjoyed a nap today after I took some cold medicine. Hold that thought... I meant to take cold pills when I came home a few minutes ago. Another sign of my old age - forgetting again.

OK. Cold medicine taken. Guess I have to stay up until mid-night to take my night time dose since I just took the day medicine. I don't know why I didn't take the night now. Oh, well!

Anyway... God bless the fireman who have to work on Christmas Day to aid the people who decided to try to be Santa Claus and forgot there was a fire in the chimney when they went down it or caught their shed on fire with the fried turkey. Thank goodness for the police offers to aid travelers on the road.

But seriously, if you procrastinated on your shopping, does the poor college student working minimum wage at the mall really have to work until whatever time on Christmas Eve because you forgot to get something for your mom? (Been there, done that when I had to close on Christmas Eve and drive an hour and a half home.) Does anyone really need to buy anything on sale at 6 AM the next morning? Can't we just sleep late?

Why can't we all just take the few days given to us to enjoy family (or the couch and a good book) and disconnect? As serious as I take my job, my away message can suffice for the person who decided they wanted to do a book giveaway on their blog next week since no one is at the office to mail out a book until Tuesday anyway.

So, after you finish reading this non-earth shattering blog post, I challenge you to turn off your computer. If you are reading it on your phone, go plug your phone in to recharge and ignore it for a while. I promise you, no one is posting anything earth shattering on Facebook. You don't have to turn on the TV, all that is on are bad Lifetime or Hallmark Christmas movies, but I'll probably go sleep through one anyway. I'm going to get a book I've been trying to read for weeks, but haven't allowed myself the time to read. I might get through a couple of pages before the non-drowsy formula makes me sleepy.