Taking a moment to rant about the State of the Union

These days I honestly do wonder what our world is coming to. Or not even so much wonder, but want to bury my head in the sand and just not think about some things like how our country really is "going to hell in a hand basket." I'm not outspokenly political or an activist of any kind, but I've really just about had enough.

One of the big news stories around here is how Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Madison, Wisconsin is protesting the nativity scene set up on the Henderson County Courthouse square in Athens, Texas. Athens is literally just down the road from here 40-45 miles.

Here's what I want to say to the Freedom From Religion Foundation: "Whatever happened to freedom OF religion. If you don't want a nativity scene in your yard, don't put one in your yard. If you don't want to live in a county that has it on the courthouse lawn, move. Get over it!"

I'm so tired of everyone trying to be politically correct and not wanting to offend anyone. Well, I'm offended!

No, I don't have a nativity scene in my front yard. In fact, growing up in the Church of Christ, we don't officially celebrate Christmas as Jesus' birthday, but that's a whole other topic for another time. I've heard enough "Christmas stories" on the Sunday closest to Christmas that it's kind of funny. I'm not sure where I'm going on this particular part of my rant.

Anyway, I've never owned a nativity scene, but I'm sure not offended by it. The Christmas decoration I'm offended by is the oil derrick that used to be in the middle of one of the intersections that was on the way to/from work and was a traffic hazard because no one knew whether to turn in front of it or behind it. Besides, if I had a nativity scene, I'm pretty sure my neighbors' kids would beat it up and the guy next door would put a beer bottle in the manger, but I'm still getting off the point.

Back on track... It seems like every group of people outside of Christians can complain and get their way, but what, Christians can't? I was working on a pitch for a client last week, and Gallup polls do still show that the large majority of Americans still believe in God.

I sure hope that none of the members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation get anything for Christmas. Not even coal in their stocking because that would be acknowledging a religious holiday. They better not watch a Charlie Brown Christmas special because they are going to get a lesson about Jesus. They better not have taken part in a Black Friday Sale that promotes Christmas.

Personally, I'm not fond of the 24 hour Christmas station that starts playing songs close to November 1, but I can choose to ignore it and change the station. It's not because I want freedom from religion, it's because I want freedom from George Michael singing "Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart, the Very Next Day, You Gave it Away." And that's not because George Michael is gay (and I don't agree with the group that's as random as the Wisconsin group that was praying for his death last week because he is gay). It's because that is an annoying song. I'm pretty sure I downloaded a free Melissa Etheridge Christmas song that iTunes was giving away free last year.

I think we need to go back to the days when the 1st Amendment was about freedom, not about restriction.

I hate the whole Presidential Debate yeh-yeh-yeh. Yes, it would be wonderful if America was a true Christian nation, but let's be realistic here... Let's move toward at least being as tolerant of Christians as every one is ranting that we be tolerant of them. Would it make anyone happier if the City of Athens added an elephant to the scene - it already has a donkey, and we do want to treat everyone equally, right?

Rant over. At least for tonight.