Things to do > Time to do it

Of course, I've realized for a long time that I'll always have more things to do than I have time to do them. This week, it's less about work (or not, but for the sake of this...) than outside of work.

I'd like my house to not be dusty and my floors to be vacuumed before I have friends over Saturday. I have to pick up the dishes my parents washed for me at their house. They are their dishes that I'm using, but had been in the cabinet for at least a year collecting dust. I have my own dishes piled in the sink, clothes piled in the basket sitting in the kitchen. Random decorations on the dining table. Clothes needing to be hung up.

Christmas shipping that needs to be done. Some kind of idea of what to buy some people. Just over 2 weeks to make some decisions. Some people may be getting coal for Christmas.

Oh, and I need to think ahead to the Christmas party I told the kids at church we would have. That's next weekend. I can think about that next week, right?

Which reminds me, sometime I have to work on my Sunday School lesson.