I guess it sort of seems like Christmas is coming

Growing up, it was tradition for my dad to say "it just doesn't seem like Christmas," usually on Christmas Eve. The older I get, the less like Christmas it ever seems.

Even yesterday's amazingly pitiful city Christmas parade was more pathetic than usual. There wasn't even a band in the parade. The college was playing football yesterday. I think the Corsicana band was supposed to be in it because I saw a couple of band members in their letter jackets carrying instruments and the drill team in jackets and Santa hats. I guess not enough members showed up. And it started 30 minutes late. It was 70 degrees, so the weather seemed off.

I have Paige's Christmas bought, and portions of a couple of other people, but need to start thinking about that more. Maybe I can go shopping after work one night this week. While I am shopping, what I really want is a peppermint mocha frappachino from Starbucks. They say you can get them anytime of year, but you can only get tiny chocolate curls at Christmas. That's as long as the one I go to has peppermint ad is not out.

I need to clean my house and finish putting some other decorations around for my party next Saturday. I don't know when the last time I had a party was. I am ready to melt down some chocolate and make holiday candy. That's as complicated as I get with holiday candy - melt some chocolate and stick something in it.

I was going to post some pictures of my Christmas trees, but my photos are,kt uploading at the moment. The purple one really is awesome. Next year, Peyton wants me to get orange lights and decorations a least for a small one
Kurt Warner's interior decorator put one in house. I just saw it on HGTV.