My excuse of the day

Everytime I go to post pictures of Christmas decorations, etc., I run into some reason why I can't. I don't have the pictures on the computer yet. The pictures are on the other computer.

Well, today, I booted up my home computer, but it wouldn't boot. I did some scan as recommended the other day, and it would not boot. I tried Safe Mode. I tried last successful mode. I tried normal mode. I finally had to do a system restore. Usually I thought it could be restored to a certain point. The only way I could get the computer on is to do a "from the beginning.". That wiped out all my files. I didn't have any of my 2011 pictures backed-up. I do have through August on Shutterfly, and can get a Archive DVD from them for a price.

However, I didn't have my Maroon 5/Train concert, trip to Branson, my Ranger playoff game, or any Christmas pictures thus far saved.

I was able to get 3 pictures from the Ranger game off my blog. One good picture of the Oak Ridge Boys (and I had a number of good ones). That's about it. Earlier this week, I had saved everything to my computer and deleted all the pictures that had been on there for months off the chip.

All the concert pictures were blurry. The rest of the Ranger game pictures looked like most any other game. And most of the Branson pictures weren't of any importance and my mom still has some pictures saved or I've taken the pictures before.

So, in order to post any pictures of my trees and such, I have to take more pictures.

I think most of the files I am missing I can get from somewhere. I'm hoping iTunes syncs back to my iPod ok. Cross your fingers. I've messed with fixing my computer most of the afternoon instead of anything else I needed to do. What a pain!